Fandom Friday: Favorite Snacks/Drinks To Consume While Blogging

Happy Fandom Friday! I'm excited because for the first time since Monday, my blog post is on time! Also because today's theme is all about the best snacks and drinks, which I consider my speciality!

1. Tea

Definitely my favourite go-to drink! I love sitting in bed reading blogs with a cup of tea.

2. Popcorn

Sweet and salted popcorn is ridiculously addictive, I love having a little bowl on my desk while I'm blogging!

3. Dr. Pepper

I have a huge sweet tooth and Dr. Pepper is my favourite fizzy drink!

4. Caribbean Crush Lucozade

Another tasty fizzy drink I often have with me while I'm blogging!

5. Ginger Biscuits

These have recently become my back up snacks for when the popcorn runs out!

I could definitely go for some snacks now while I read your Fandom Friday posts!
What are your favourite snacks?

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