Apple Watch Live Event

So, I have just finished watching the Apple Watch live keynote and I thought I would just do a quick recap and share some thoughts!

The keynote started with a video as usual, showing their newest retail store in China, and then going on to talk about how much they've grown and just doing an overall update on the numbers. They then went on to talk about HBO and it's integration with the Apple TV, which has been lowered in price to £59. Next, they talked about the iPhone and they'd just sold the 700th million iPhone! They talked about the success of their latest app, Health Kit, which has been doing so well that they are now introducing Research Kit. This is an app that lets you take part in really simple activities to help medical researchers collect data a lot easier.
When they showed the video about this, it got such a huge response. It seems like it's going to be a huge advance in medical research. The next thing they spoke about was the MacBooks.  The new MacBook is the thinnest and lightest so far, and it comes in 3 new colours too! Space grey, gold and silver! They are so nice!!
This is the first MacBook to be completely fanless and they have used the space instead to add more battery power, so now it will last all day.

They added so many more new features, which you should definitely check out here to read about them in full detail! They start at £1049 and start shipping on the 10th of April.

Finally, it came to the main event, the Apple Watch! Since the previous keynote, I have been dying to know when the Apple Watch comes out! The official release date is the 24th of April, but you can preorder from the 10th. The are 3 different collections to choose from.

Firstly, the Apple Watch Collection:
Made from a new specially made stainless steel. Which starts £479 for 38mm and £519 for 42mm. I think it's really weird that they have made the larger size an extra £40! Read full details here.

Next, the Apple Watch Sport:
This is the more affordable collection. It starts at £229 for the 38mm and £339 for the 42mm. More details here.

Finally, the Apple Watch Edition:

Made out of pure gold, this watch starts at £8000 for 38mm and £9500 for the 42mm!!!! More details here.

And that was everything in a nutshell! I think it's so weird that there is an extra £40 for an extra 4mm of material! When I was watching the keynote live, I could sense that I wasn't the only person who thought that, what did you think?? I love the new MacBooks too! The new colours are so nice! When I first saw it, I thought the gold one was my favourite, but then when I first saw the space grey, I really liked that one too! It's interesting that it only has the one slot, for the new USB-C, it will be interesting to see how that goes down once people start getting their hands on it. But as I said, I'm more excited about the watches. I can finally go and see them in person in the Apple Store next month and I can't wait to see them up close! There are so many different watches to choose from, but I think the Apple Watch Sport is the more realistic choice! 

What did you think about the new MacBooks and the Apple Watches?? Will you be rushing out to buy one next month, and if so, which collection are you going to go for??

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