TV Junkie: Parks and Recreation Finale

The final episode of Parks and Recreation aired last night and so today I just wanted to talk about the show as a whole and share my thoughts about the finale! This post will be spoiler free, I don't want to ruin the finale!

I was very late to start watching Parks and Recreation. Back when I wrote my post about my favourite Netflix shows, a lot of people recommended Parks and Recreation to me, so when I saw that there were 6 seasons on Netflix, I eventually got round to watching through them all so that I was all caught up by the time the final season started. It was one of those shows that after 3/4 episodes, I was already hooked. Every single character is so great and different in their own way and together they're so hilarious, so you get instantly invested in them. The great thing about the show was that, from the start, I instantly picked 1 or 2 characters as my favourite, but as the seasons went on, all of the characters developed and came into their own so by the end, it's impossible to pick a favourite. The writing is so great in Parks, you can tell that everything is so well thought out and they ended it so well at the right time in the story too, instead of trying to drag out for 10 seasons to round it up. I've watched shows like How I Met Your Mother, that have had 10 seasons and by the time it's finally coming to an end, the story is just not as funny anymore, whereas Park's was constantly funny all the way through. My favourite seasons are probably 3 or 4, there is so much that happens in the whole 7 seasons, both funny and surprising that you just have to keep watching to find out what happened next. Parks and Recreation has been my favourite comedy series in so long, it's sad that it's over now but I'm happy that it ended on a high and never stopped being funny. I think as far as series finales go, it was a very satisfying ending and I don't think fans of the show will be disapointed!

Did you watch the Parks and Recreation season finale? What did you think of it?

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