TV Junkie: Broadchurch Season 2

So last night was the finale of Broadchurch, season 2 so today, I wanted to talk about the whole season and share what I thought of the finale! I'm sorry if you haven't seen it yet but there will be spoilers in this post, so if you're not up to date and don't want to know what happens then I'd avoid this post!

I loved the first season of Broadchurch, it was gripping and intense all the way through. David Tennant and Olivia Coleman were great together so I was really looking forward to season 2. With the way season 1 ended, I'd just assumed that story was over and season 2 would start with a completely different case. However, what I didn't expect to see was the actual courtroom, where Joe, despite all the evidence against him, decides to plead not guilty. This means that the case is now re-opened and the defence and the prosecution are left to battle it out by re-examining all the evidence, calling witnesses to the stand and re-questioning the original suspects. Meanwhile, Alec Hardy is investigating the Pippa and Lisa case.

I can understand why they decided to keep the storyline continuing from season 1 instead having a new case with a different person in Broadchurch being killed, because otherwise it would just end up like Midsummer Murder's, and it could just get silly that way. It was a shock to me at the start of season 2 when Joe pleaded not-guilty so I was excited to see what was going to happen next. However, I feel like this season has just been a lot nothing happening, just lot's of time wasting in court with the defence throwing around different speculations as to what could of happened. Then, with the other case about Pippa and Lisa, it felt like Alec was just going back and forth between Lee and Claire the whole season. I did enjoy the last 2 episodes of this season though because they had the same kind of feel and pace to them as season 1, so I was excited again to see how they'd tie it all up. However, I did feel as though the last 2 episodes, are what should of happened the entire season. The season was just dragged out and then finally in the 2nd to last episode, it started to go somewhere, but there was just so much stuff in this season that really didn't feel necessary. That being said, the show as a whole is still good, it was just the storyline in this season was too weak. Also, the first season was so good that it's impossible to watch season 2 without comparing it to season 1. The season ended with Lee and Claire telling everything about Pippa and Lisa, and Joe was sent on a train to leave Broadchurch. I am looking forward to season 3 and seeing what's going to happen now! My ideas as to what will happen in that season is that Lee and Claire will be taken to court where more information will come out about about something we don't know yet, and then I hope that the Joe/Danny case is closed for good but then if not, I'm not sure what could happen with the other characters. We'll just have to wait and see!

Did you watch the season finale of Broadchurch? What did you think?? Let me know if you have any theories on season 3!

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