Through The Lens: Camera Accessories

Welcome to part 2 of my photography series, Through The Lens. Today, I wanted to talk about camera accessories and share some of my favourites!

Just like I did last week, I'm going to break it down into Nikon, GoPro and iPhone and just talk about some really useful accessories!



I mentioned in my introductory post that I might talk about some video stuff too so I decided to include this microphone. Having a small microphone that mounts on top of the camera is really useful  for recording, as the sound quality is better and it won't pick up noise from the camera (focus pulling etc).

Portable Steadicam

The steadicam attaches to the bottom of your camera in the same way as a tripod plate and it's used to allow you to record video without the camera shaking so much. The handlebar has a ball point that pivots and the back part has weights on it that you can adjust so that it balances out the weight of the camera so you get smooth movement when filming.


Smartphone Tripod

This is something I have for my iPhone but it will work with any kind of smartphone, the phone grip itself can extend to hold bigger phones. It's a really cool, handy little device to have, the tripod legs bend and move in so many different ways so you can just prop it up on a flat surface, or wrap it around a tree branch!


Waterproof Case

The GoPro waterproof case is one of my favourite accessories. The white strip you can see around the case, creates suction when you close the case so it's sealed air tight and water can't leak in. 

Car Mount

The GoPro comes with a number of different stands and mounts, but my favourite is this curved one that fits on a car dashboard. The adhesive is really strong so it lasts for ages and it comes with a plastic cover so you can reseal it. It's perfect for filming videos and time lapses, and the adhesive is strong enough so the GoPro stays perfectly still. 

GoPro Head Mount

Another cool GoPro accessory is this GoPro head mount,  so cool for hands free filming.


SD Card Adapter

This is a bonus accessory I thought I would include because it's so useful to be able to get photos straight from your camera's SD card onto your iPad. You can select individual photos to upload or you can select them all. I have the 30pin connector but you can get them for lightning connectors too.

That is all for this weeks Through The Lens, to see the introductory post, click here! There will be more Next Thursday!

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