The Manchester Museum

On Sunday, my dad and I went to The Manchester Museum, a natural history museum we have in town. I took a few photos that I thought I would share today!

The Manchester Museum is on Oxford Street, right in the middle of the University of Manchester, which is where Alan Turing spent a lot of time doing his work. Before going into the museum, we saw the Alan Turing building at the university.

First, we stopped to look at this memorial just outside the building. It talks about his life and the work he did, it also shows where the commemorative blue plaque is, which you can see pictured, but we couldn't find it!

This was the blue plaque we couldn't find! 

The Alan Turing building. 

It's actually a really nice building!

After walking around the building, we went across the road to The Manchester Museum. It's a very large museum so I didn't photograph everything, but I did take photos of some of my favourite bits!

Firstly, the outside of the museum itself. One thing I love about Manchester, is that there's lots of Hogwarts-y buildings!

Around the other side is the main entrance to the museum, not quite as glamorous as the front!

You're greeted into the museum by this friendly face.

Yes, that is a real bear and yes, that is a dinosaur behind it.. The Manchester Museum is full of real animals, and hundred year old fossils, absolutely everything, including the following photos, are all real. All of the animals had died from natural causes and been sent to the museum to be preserved. In case you were wondering, they did not kill any animals just to put them in a museum! The dinosaurs (yes plural, there is another..), are made up of fossil bones that have been dug up by archeologists (and then examined by scientists to confirm they're real!).

This is the first dinosaur. Although it's huge, this is actually the smallest of the two dinosaurs!

Even though this tiger is no longer alive, standing that close to it (especially whilst it's making that face), is still a scary experience! 

The tiger and the lion are just as beautiful as they are scary.

And how cute is this elephant! Although, it is sad that's it's only a baby.

In the museum, when you look up at the ceiling, you see this enormous skeleton. A guy who works at the museum told us that skeleton belonged to a whale, and if you look where the fin would be, you can see it has three fingers, which means it's a mammal. The guy told us this whale had been found at  beach, washed up on a shore, somewhere in America about 100 years ago and brought to this museum. Although it's huge, he said that the whale was probably young so that's considered a small whale!

Now we are entering what I called, the Jurassic Park section of the museum!

This is Stan, the T-Rex!

Do you still wish Jurassic Park was real?

Finally, I found some science-y things in the museum! So I had to take some photos of some planets!

And that is all the photos I have from The Manchester Museum! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did! The Manchester Museum is a really awesome place and I definitely recommend giving it a visit! There's so much more to see than what I've shared here, you can literally spend an entire day walking around in there!

What are your favourite museums? Or which museum would you love to visit? I'd really love to go to America and see The Smithsonian and The Natural History Museum!

If you'd like to see larger versions of these photos, and lots of other photos, check out my Flickr!

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Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya