My Week In Photos! Jan 2015 Week #5

It's Monday, which means it's time for another recap of the week in photos! The 5th week of the FMS Photo A Day Challenge, the daily photo challenge on Instagram.

So just as a reminder, these were the prompts for this weeks challenge!

And these are the photos I took throughout the week!

Monday 26th: Three Things

My Hermione Granger Time Turner necklace and wand, and my Tom Riddle diary notebook!

Tuesday 27th: Morning

Tea in bed!

Wednesday 28th: Strange

Lens flare from my light, after I played with some effects that makes it look like space!

Thursday 29th: Winter

Conveniently, it actually started snowing on this day!

Friday 30th: Favourite Food

Mac & Cheese! This my current favourite meal, and I actually cheated on this day because I had this for dinner on Saturday but I forgot to take a picture on Friday!

Saturday 31st: On Top

On the top floor of the Trafford Centre looking down.

Sunday 1st: On My Plate

Pork chops and rice!

 I hope you enjoyed these photos, as much as I enjoy taking part in the challenge. Don't forget, you can take part in the challenge too! All you have to do is check out the latest prompts on FatMumSlim's blog, and every day, take a photo of something related to that prompt, then share it on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook..whichever social network you prefer, with the hashtag #FMSPhotoADay so everyone can see! You can also download FatMumSlim's photo editing app, Little Moments, which will remind you of the prompts every day and add the hashtags for you, ready for sharing!

You can also see these photos and more, over on my Instagram!
Stay tuned next week for #6 of my week in photos! Here are the prompts for week #6:

Source: FatMumSlim

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