My Favourite YouTube Channels

I love watching YouTube videos, I am subscribed to so many different channels and my favourites are constantly changing. Today, I thought I would share my current top 5 favourite YouTube channels!


I talk about Vlogbrothers quite a lot on my blog but they're one of my all time favourite YouTube channels. They're funny, extremely smart and just generally entertaining. Also, John Green has a film adaptation of his book Paper Towns coming out soon which I am very excited about!
Channel link: Vlogbrothers

2. Rhett and Link

My favourite comedy duo! They're absolutely hilarious, I love watching their weekday morning show, Good Mythical Morning. They talk about interesting facts, they test and question theories, and make them into crazy games and challenges that make them very entertaining to watch.
Channel link: Good Mythical Morning

3. iJustine

She is like one of the inventors of vlogging on YouTube! As well as that, she is heavily involved in the technology industry and so she does product reviews, unboxings, as well as going to big events like CES and talks about all the latest tech news. She was one of the first channels I ever subscribed to many years ago and she's currently writing a book so I can't wait for it to come out!
Channel link: iJustine

4. Soldierknowsbest

This is another one of my favourite tech channels. He, and iJustine, are my go-to channels for tech news. He also does lots of really in-depth product reviews and unboxings.
Channel link: soldierknowsbest

5. Fun For Louis

Louis Cole is a travel vlogger, who travels the world and makes really amazing videos along the way. I love his style of filming and the quality of his videos is always incredible!
Channel link: funforlouis

So that, in no particular order, is my top 5 favourite YouTube channels!

What are your favourite YouTube channels? Do you watch any of the channels I've mentioned?

Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya