App Addict: Colour Splash

Today, I wanted to talk about another app that I've been loving a lot recently, Colour Splash!
Colour Splash is an app that allows you to choose which parts of the photo are in colour. You can make the entire photo black and white and then highlight certain parts of the photo to be in colour, or have the entire photo in colour  and select parts of the photo to be in black and white!

First you load the photo you want to edit, or you can take one within the app.

The app automatically makes the photo black and white, and then as you can see at the bottom there are three options - pan & zoom, black colour and grey.

To highlight colour, just select the colour tab and then swipe your finger over the parts you want in colour. Or if you want the whole photo in black and white, with only certain parts in colour, use the colour tab to swipe over the whole photo and then switch to the grey tab to highlight the parts you want in black and white.

In order to be more precise around difficult areas, choose the pan & zoom tab and use two fingers to zoom in as far as you need to and perfect the edges. You can also pan and move across the photo without accidentally changing the colour.

And then when your done, you'll have a really cool photo!

Here are some of my favourite photos I've made with Colour Splash!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think of the Colour Splash app!
What are your favourite photo editing apps??

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♡ Katya