TV Junkie: My Top 5 Doctor Who Episodes!

I'm really excited about today's post because I recently decided that I wanted to share a list of my favourite Doctor Who episodes. As you can imagine, that ended up being more difficult than I
expected because there are so many awesome episodes! Normally, when I do top 5 lists, they're not in any order but today I wanted to try counting down my favourite episodes, so let's see how it goes!

5. Vincent And The Doctor. (S5, E10)

I love the story in this episode so much! It's such an emotional episode but the ending is just so perfect!

4.  The Shakespeare Code (S3, E2)

Good old JK! I still get really excited when Shakespeare shouts "Expelliarmus!", haha it's so brilliant!

3. 42 (S3, E7)

This was the episode where they had 42 minutes until they crash into the sun! I love this episode, it's so intense and non-stop all the way through!

2. The Unicorn And The Wasp (S4, E7)

This was the Agatha Christie episode. I love it because it's a classic "who did it" story and it's so good!

1. Blink (S3, E10)

And finally, my number 1 most favourite episode of Doctor Who is Blink! It was such an epic episode, those Weeping Angel's are still just as scary as the first time I saw them! Also, does anyone else think that Sally Sparrow would have been a great companion?!

So they are my top 5 favourite Doctor Who episodes! I almost turned this post into a top 10 but I didn't want to make it too long! There's so many great episodes, what are your favourite Doctor Who episodes??

Also, since 4/5 of my favourite episodes are ones with David Tennant as the Doctor, I thought I would include this little video of David Tennant winning the Special Recognition Award at last nights National Television Awards!

Don't forget to tell me your favourite Doctor Who episodes and I hope you enjoyed this post!

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