TV Junkie: My Netflix Picks

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that I watch a lot of Netflix! So today, I thought I'd share some of my favourite shows to watch!

Also I should mention that because I'm in the UK, these shows are all on the UK Netflix! I normally do a top 5 list but today I have a top 4! (There's still a lot of episodes though!)

1. Doctor Who

Whenever I want to watch something and I don't know what, I just put Doctor Who, or if I'm cleaning/tidying, I put Doctor Who on - it's just my go to TV show! It has from season 1 all the way to the first half of season 7, but I mostly just watch the 10th Doctor!

2. Arrested Development

I love this show! I love Will Arnett and Jason Bateman! It's one of the funniest shows I've ever watched! The show is about the Bluth family company, which after the Dad is sent to prison, begins to fall apart and Jason Bateman has to try and hold it all together. The style of the show is more like a fly on the wall, intsead of sitcom and it's just so funny!

2. Orange Is The New Black

Going through my list on Netflix, I actually forgot about this show! It feels like ages ago when I watched it but it is so funny! This show is about a girl who gets involved in a drug smuggling scheme  and ends up going to prison, where she meets the craziest bunch of people. The story follows her adjusting to prison life and at the same time dealing with her personal life. Then there's the other prisoners she makes friends with and all their crazy stories! It's a really great show with lots of great characters. It is a drama as well as a comedy, it's set in prison so there's all of the crime drama that comes along with that. It's definitely not a family comedy though but it is really good!

3. BoJack Horseman

I tried to explain this show in my season 1 review post a while back. It's basically a show about a 'washed up' actor, whose going through his life after his career started to go downhill. Except, it's a cartoon, the actor is a horse, voiced by Will Arnett, and it also stars Aaron Paul as his roommate! It's such a silly show but it's so funny!

4. Archer

This show is another cartoon, it follows the story of a group of ISIS employees and their main spy, Archer, who is a ridiculous, over the top crazy character, and his mum, Mallory (who is actually the mum in Arrested Development!). I started watching this show just because I love the style of the animation! It's like a comic book style, but then as it happens, I got sucked into the story! The humour in it is very South Park so I'm sure not everyone will like it, but if you don't take it seriously then it's very funny!

So they are my favourite shows to watch on Netflix, what are yours?

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