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I officially have a new favourite TV show! (at least, for the moment!) On Monday afternoon, ITV tweeted out that Broadchurch was back with the first episode of a brand new series. I'd never actually
watched the first series so I went online to check it out and there was only 8 episodes that I could watch before series 2 started that evening. So I decided to have a Broadchurch marathon!

The only reason I started watching it in the first place was because of David Tennant, I didn't really know much about the show or the story, all I knew was that it's a crime drama. So I started watching it anyway and after the first episode, I was already addicted! It's so intense! Each episode is 40mins long and so much happens in those 40 mins! The show follows the story of a family whose son has been found dead and David Tennant and Olivia Colman are detectives trying to piece together what happened. It's set in Broadchurch, a nice town by the seaside, and so all the characters are locals, everyone knows everyone, so there is so much drama! There is obviously the main story about the death, but then there's, the families stories, the locals individual stories, David Tennant and Olivia Colman's relationship together and their individual stories! There's just so much going on! Without spoiling anything, after I finished watching series 1 and was able to catchup with yesterday's first episode of series 2, I really didn't expect what happened in series 2! (That won't make any sense if you haven't seen but I don't want to spoil it!) The show is constantly leading and really convincing you into thinking one thing and then throwing some completely unexpected at you, it's full of cliffhangers too, it;s just intense! I love David Tennant in general but he is really great in this and Olivia Colman is really great too, I just wish that it was on the BBC though instead of ITV because there's so many adverts! But anyway, I'm all caught up now and I'm ready for the next episode next Monday! At the end of series 2, I write another post to talk about what I thought. Also, there is an American version called Gracepoint, it's basically the same show but in America and it even has David Tennant but with an American accent! I was thinking about watching some of that to see how it compares so if any of you have seen it, let me know what you think!

For people in the UK, Broadchurch is at 9pm on ITV1 on Monday. (I'm not sure where you can watch it outside the UK)

Also, David Tennant and Olivia Colman will be on The Graham Norton Show on Friday 16th January !

Have you seen Broadchurch/Gracepoint? What do you think??
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