Monthly Favourites: January 2015

As we're coming up to the end of the month, I thought I would do my monthly favourites, where every month I share 10 things I've been loving this month!

1. Sweet and Salted Popcorn!

This is something that everyone in our house has been addicted to recently! I introduced my dad to it after I had some at my Grandparents house and we all love it! We normally have the Metcalfe ones but the Tyrell's one is basically the same.

2. John Green Books

If you've seen my book reviews recently, you'll know that I've reading all of John Green's books from the box set. I've almost finished the final book, The Fault In Our Stars, and I'm really enjoying it. I've had lots of fun reading his books this month!

3. Afterlight

I downloaded this app after Megan from TheNerdyGirlie recommended it on her blog. I love Instagram and I love discovering new photo editing apps. I've been having lots of fun with this app and it's actually replaced my original go-to photo editing app, which was Camera +.

4. Colour Splash

Another photo editing app I've been loving recently is colour splash. It is an app which allows you to highlight certain things in the photo and make them stay in colour, while the rest is in black and white (or vice versa). It's really cool and really fun, I was thinking about doing an app review on it!

5. Word Swag

One more app in my favourites this month. I recently discovered another photo editing app called Word Swag, which allows you to add text onto your photos in really cool ways. It has lots of style presets and you can customise them but the one really cool thing about it is that, while your editing, it highlights the Twitter preview area, so you can see which part of the photo will be shown in the Twitter if you were to share it. So I've been using it to create my blog thumbnails recently and I love it.

6. Key Necklace

This might seem random but this month, I completely tidied and reorganised my bookshelves and underneath a huge mess of old magazines, notebooks and stuff, I found some random bits and bobs, including this necklace, which I've had for years.. like I think I may have still been in Secondary school when I got this! It's one of my favourite necklaces though so I was happy to find it again, I don't wear a lot of jewellery anymore but I do love this necklace.

7. Ugg Boots

My dad got a pair of Ugg boots for Christmas, and I've worn them every single day since! They are soo comfy! I love them so much, they're the softest, cosiest pair of shoes I've ever had!

8. Good Mythical Morning

My favourite YouTubers, Rhett and Link, came back with a new season their (week)daily web show, Good Mythical Morning! They went on a 2 week break for Christmas, and came back this month with lots of brand new episodes and I forgot how much I love watching it every morning when I wake up with a cup of tea!

9. The Smart Culture

This is a blog that I discovered this month that I've been enjoying reading. It's by Laura Cherkinoff, who is one of the managers at Vidcon, and she writes some really interesting blog posts about lot's of different stuff from technology to travel and lots more. Two of my favourite posts recently have been this one called 'Colours of the World', where she takes photos of different cities in different countries and talks about how different places have a different colour palette, and another favourite is one she wrote about Harry Potter called 'Rereading and Rewatching', where she talks about rereading and rewatching the Harry Potter series and it's not a review of the content, it's more a review about the experience and how it feels to revisit something that has such meaning to you, which obviously I can related to because I love Harry Potter and have revisited it plenty of times and it never stops feeling special!

10. Code Academy

And finally, I've talked about this on Twitter a lot this month because I have been working my way through some coding lessons on this website and I'm really enjoying it! I've been learning lots of html, javascript, css.. it all sounds really scary but they teach it in a way that makes it understandable and as you learn, it gives you a visual representation of exactly what you're doing so you can actually see what each piece of code actually does so it's really helpful in understanding how code works! It's really fun and I recommend it for anyone who is looking to start coding!

And that is what I've been loving this month.. tell me about your favourite things this month!

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Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya