Film Review: Big Hero 6

Earlier today, me and my dad went to see Big Hero 6 in the cinema, after it came out yesterday so I thought I would share what I thought about it!
Big Hero 6 is about a young prodigy named Hiro, and his robot Baymax, made by his brother. Hero is a 14 year old genius who, in order to get into this great college, creates this new technology called microbots. After the microbots get stolen, Hiro, Baymax and his friends work together to find out what's happening and save the the city of Sanfransokyo.

Big Hero 6 is a Disney animated film, and so the majority of the audience were kids with their parents, but it's one of those films that's entertaining enough for adults as is it for kids. After watching the trailer, I was expecting it to be quite funny, it's made by the people who made Wreck-it Ralph and Frozen and I did really enjoy those films. Big Hero 6 ended up being so much funnier than I expected it to be! I didn't know too much about what the story was before going into it but it turns into an Avengers style superhero film so it was very action packed. It had a strong story lines and all the main characters are individually loveable in their own right and they're just so funny together. Obviously, Baymax is the best character because he's a robot, but he's like a giant inflatable robot and he's just so silly. I also loved the way they combined San Francisco with Tokyo to create a really cool city! It had a lot of Japanese style buildings, streets and cultures. But then it also had the San Francisco style trams running through the city, and a Golden Gate bridge, it was really well done, it looked awesome!

If you haven't seen it, here's the trailer for Big Hero 6:

A photo posted by Katya Owu (@katyaowu) on

A photo posted by Katya Owu (@katyaowu) on
Have you seen Big Hero 6 yet, do you plan to? Let me know what you think about the film!
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