Fandom Friday: My Favourite Things About Winter

It's time for another Fandom Friday! This weeks topic is my favourite things about winter. Once again, we've mostly just had a rainy winter here in the UK, but it's not all bad :)

1. Christmas!

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Christmas is unfortunately over now but it is always the only thing I really look forward to in the winter!

2. Layers!

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Scarves/Jumpers/Hats..I love the feeling of being all wrapped up in the winter!

3. Tea!

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I love tea all year round but in the winter, when it's cold, it's so to cosy up in bed with a nice cup of tea!

4. Snow

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It hasn't snowed here in sooo long! I really miss it! We had a little bit of snow for barely an hour on Boxing Day this year, but with all the rain, it was too wet for the snow to stick :( I do miss the snow!

5. Winter Sun

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I love when it's really cold outside but the sun is still shining.. without the sun it would just be a miserable day but the sun always make everything look nicer!

And that's everything! What do you love most about winter?

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