December in Photos & January FMS Photo A Day

Happy New Year! It's the 1st of January 2015 and I don't know how that happened so quickly! I hope everyone had some fun and safe new years celebrations, I went to a pub nearby called The Melville,
with some friends and we had fun just catching up and listening out for the 12th chime of Big Ben live in Westminster.

Anyway, that's not what this blog post is about. As it's 1st of January, I thought I would recap December in photos, based off my Instagram photos for the FMS Photo A Day Challenge, where every day of the month you take a photo of something relating to the specific prompt for that day.

So yeah, here is what my December 2014 looked like!

1st Dec. Fruit

This is my favourite Juice, it's so good!

2nd Dec. Grass

The grass outside Bletchley Park. This was actually on the last day of November but I love this photo so I wanted to use it!

3rd Dec. Pop!

I wish I'd like a champagne popper or something but instead I used a can of coke.

4th Dec. Free

This photo was also taken on the last day of November. This was the sun rising at around 7.30am. It's such a nice thing to watch and it's free for everyone to enjoy!

5th Dec. Me

I don't know.

6th Dec Joy Is..

Our Christmas tree! This was actually taken just after the decorations had been put up. My parents like to decorate on the first weekend of December, however, traditionally, you're supposed to decorate on the 6th of December (because the 12 days of Christmas is 6 days before and 6 days after), but this year the first weekend of December was actually on the 6th so that was fun!

7th Dec. Weekends Are For..

Not feeling bad about being lazy!

8th Dec. Simple Pleasure

Candy Canes! I love them.

9th Dec. Decoration

We have loads of these crystal decorations on our tree and they're so pretty, I love the way the light reflects off them.

10th Dec. Closed Door

The last door on my advent calendar, not to be opened until Christmas Eve!

11th Dec. Something Red

Some more pretty decorations! These ones are from my bedroom, after my parents have finished decorating downstairs, I use whatever's left over to decorate my room.

12th Dec. Skyline

This was as much of a skyline that I could reach! It's more a shot of the Trafford Centre car park. I took this photo on the day we went to see The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies, me and my dad had gone early to pick up the tickets so in the evening we could just go straight in.

13th Dec. Much Loved

Love and missed.

14th Dec. Drink

Of course I would take a picture of a cup of tea for this one!

15th Dec. Super!

This Christmas tree is super! This tree is the reason why we don't need to cut down trees every single year. It's a fake tree that we've had for 16 years now and it's still a perfectly nice Christmas tree!

16th Dec. Beautiful

Clara! She is a beautiful puppy!

17th Dec. Sunshine

I cheated a bit with this one because I forgot to take a picture on that day and when I remembered the sun had already gone down. So instead I used this photo from November when I was with my Grandparent's driving from Bristol to Manchester. They had a bed for Clara to sit in so she didn't freak out in the car and I liked the way the sun shone through it.

18th Dec. Sign

Another one of my bedroom decorations from the box of leftovers.

19th Dec. Something To Be Happy About

I took this while I was out Christmas shopping with my brother. We'd just stopped for lunch (Taco Bell) and then later we went and got milkshakes, even though it was really cold outside.

20th Dec. Food

I forgot this one...Oops.

21st Dec. This Is Interesting

The Lovell Telescope is very interesting! When it was first built in 1957, it was the largest telescope of it's kind.. and it was pretty big!

22nd Dec. 'Tis The Season To..

To wrap presents!

23rd Dec. Tree

I didn't want to take a picture of our tree again for this one because I'd already used it twice, so instead I took a picture of my professionally hand crafted clay tree, which I made for my 2014 Christmas Message!

24th. Dec Colour

Wearing my Christmas Jumper on Christmas Eve!

25th Dec. Celebration

So I just realised that I took this photo specifically to use for this one but I completely forgot to post it! I'm so good at this!

26th Dec. Animal

This photo came up on my timehop on this day, it was a photo I took on Boxing Day 2013, when me and my brother had gotten GoPro's for Christmas so we went out on Boxing Day to try them out!

27th Dec. I Like..

My new Twitter mug! My dad got me this for Christmas 2014, is this not the funniest mug ever?! The handle bar is a hashtag!

28th Dec. Book

Looking For Alaska by John Green! This was another Christmas present,which at the I posted that picture I was in the middle of reading. I've finished that book so if you want to know what I thought, click here! Or not.. I don't mind.

29th Dec. I Need Less Of This..

Cold weather! Clearly I was feeling the cold this day!

30th Dec. Us

The 4 of us celebrating Christmas!

31st. My Best Bit Of 2014

Graduating University was definitely the best part of 2014. It's still really weird that this happened! I don't know why.

And that is all of my photo's for the December Photo Challenge 2014! To see last months photo challenge, click here! Or if you have no idea what this photo challenge is all about, you should check it out here!

January's Photo A Day Challenge has just started (and I already almost missed the first day), but the format has changed slightly so instead of getting a list of prompts for the month, there is now a new list of prompts every week. I'm not yet sure as to whether or not I want to do recaps like this one every week to match the new format or just keep it as it is, but I'll see what I think!

If you want to get involved, which you should because it's fun, here is week 1 of the January Photo Challenge! All you have to do is take a photo of something relating to each prompt of the day and share it Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, which you prefer and use the hashtag #fmsphotoaday, so everyone can see it!

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Thank you to everyone who read my blog in 2014! I love doing this so it's nice when other people enjoy it too :)
I hope everyone has a great 2015!

Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya