Book Review: Paper Towns

Today, I have another book review that I want to share here. I've just finished reading Paper Towns, by John Green!

Paper Towns is the 3rd book (out of 4), in the John Green box set. I enjoyed this book a lot more than the previous book, An Abundance of Katherines. Although none of the books are related to one another in any way, Paper Towns reminded me a lot more of Looking For Alaska, which was the first book in the set. Looking For Alaska was the first book in the set and I really loved the story and the way John Green writes in the story, and I feel like Paper Towns goes to back to that, similar style of writing, similar themes, even some similar characters. The story however, was obviously different. Paper Towns is about a two chidhood friends, Margo and Quentin. They grew up together as the lived on the same street, and now they are in the final year of High School. (American school years, it's set in Florida). Quentin is a 'normal' or typical guy. He goes to school, hangs out with friends, plays video games etc. Margo is more eccentric. She's the girl everyone talks about because she's so wild and adventurous etc. Margo and Quentin have slightly grown apart over the years and so they don't hang with each other or talk to each other as much. However, one day Margo goes missing. Quentin starts to become concerned that it's something more serious than a girl whose just ran away from home for a while. Margo, who has ran away from home before, is known for leaving clues behind for her parents, and after a few days of her being missing, Quentin starts to find some clues that he believes have been left for him to find. So Quentin and his friends, begin to search for more clues and follow wherever they lead to, in search of Margo.

Out of the whole box set, I was most excited to read this book because I've seen on the Vlogbrother's YouTube channel, a video of John Green reading the first chapter of Paper Towns, and at the end of the video I really wanted to know what happened next! However, when I started reading it, it wasn't actually what I'd expected, it started to lead me down a different path that I wasn't expecting, so then I started to get confused because I thought the story was going to be about one thing and it ended up being completely different, so there was a whole middle bit where I was thinking, where is this going?? Obviously, I caught up with the book and I started to see what was happening, and then the further into the book I got, the more intense the story was getting, and I was finding it really difficult to put the book down at night because I wanted to know what happened next! The book explores so many different themes, like how when you look at something, someone else will see it differently, or when you look at something at first glance and then look it a lot closer, it looks a lot different, and that goes for the way you look at objects, places and people. However, underneath all of that deep, 'questioning the way you look at life' stuff, it's still just a classic mystery story, throughout the book the clues are slowly being unravelled and you're discovering new things and it's just the kind of story that is just really fun to read! It gets a bit mushy at the end but it's John Green and I'm starting to see that's just his thing! I think it might be my favourite book in his box set so far! The film adaptation of Paper Towns is also coming out this year, in June, so I'm looking forward to seeing that and seeing how it compares to the book!

So the next book I'm going to be reading is The Fault In Our Stars. The final book in the John Green collection and as usual, I will share my review on that too once I've finished! I'm also going to watch The Fault In Our Stars film, after I've read the book so I'll also write about that afterwards and see how it compares!

Have you read Paper Towns or any the other books by John Green?? Let me know your opinions!

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