Book Review: An Abundance of Katherines

So this is my second ever book review, and the second book I've read this year! I've literally just finished reading An Abundance of Katherines, the second book by John Green, following Looking For Alaska.

John Green's books are in not in anyway related to each other, they are all stand alone novels, so this book was very different to Looking For Alaska. The story of An Abundance of Katherines is about Colin Singleton, who used to be a child prodigy and is now worried that he won't amount to anything in the future. He's quite a miserable character because his 19th girlfriend has just broken up with him, so he's feeling a bit useless. In order to combat this and prove to himself he can amount to something, he starts working on a mathematical theory that can potentially predict the outcome of a relationship between any 2 people. Meanwhile, his best friend, Hassan,  in efforts to cheer him up, persuades him to take a road trip, where they eventually end up in Tennessee. After meeting a local factory owner, named Hollis, who offers them temporary jobs, they decide to stay in Tennessee for a while with Hollis and her daughter Lindsey Lee Wells, while Colin still continues to work on his theory.

When I first started to the read the book, the first thing I noticed was that the writing was very different to Looking For Alaska. Obviously they are different stories but, this one was not written in first person, and every so often, there'd be little footnotes in the book, where John would explain something a little further, usually to give something a bit more backstory or to explain a joke. But it's really funny! This book is so much more lighthearted and witty, which was nice after reading Looking For Alaska, which got quite dark. The conversations between Colin and Hassan were really funny, they had a great relationship throughout the book (in a Harry and Ron kind of way!). There were times though where I thought that I didn't really like Colin, sometimes I found that he complains too much and it was slightly irritating, but then I think that's how he's supposed to come across because he does complain a lot so he probably is irritating! The same goes for the story too, I started off thinking that it was just a sad story about a guy who just wanted his girlfriend back, and he was really mopey and then nothing was really happening in the story and I didn't really know why they were still in Tennessee. But then at the end, it all comes together and ties in really nicely so that it all makes sense, and although there's no obvious plot and nothing drastic really happens, it's more about the people and the journey and there's a sort of revelation feeling at the end, that just leaves you feeling really good! When people describe a film as being a 'feel-good' film! - that's what An Abundance of Katherines is like, but in book form!

So yeah, that's what I thought of An Abundance of Katherines, let me know what you think if you've read it!

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Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya