5 Years of iPad!

If you use the Timehop app, you may have noticed that the bottom of yesterday's timeline it said that 5 years ago, Steve Jobs unveiled the first ever iPad. So today, I thought I would talk, and reminisce, about the iPad over the past 5 years!

On 27th January 2010, Steve Jobs unveiled the first ever iPad, me and my dad re-watched the keynote yesterday and it's so good! This event was 3 years after the first iPhone release and it was all about them creating a bridge between smartphones and laptops. By this point, they'd already had lots of success with the iPhone and with their MacBook's, but this was Apple launching another brand new product. If you haven't seen the keynote, I recommend giving it a watch because this was before photos and information was getting leaked before the keynotes, so the audience's reaction was genuine because nobody actually knew what was going to be announced. 

When the iPad first came out, the overall initial response was quite negative, people didn't get it, and I remember when I first saw it, I said to my dad it's basically just a big iPod touch - what's the point?! That was quite a common opinion at the time and it wasn't until my 20th birthday, when my dad bought me an iPad 2, that I actually started to realise how cool the iPad is! Before I got the iPad for my birthday, my only iOS device, other than a few different iPod's I'd had in the past, the only iOS device I had was an iPhone 3G. Which at the time, was fine. It worked fine as a phone, I had some apps like Twitter and Instagram and a few games like Angry Birds, but then, when I got the iPad, I realised all of this cool stuff I could do like watch YouTube, download films and TV shows, browse the web.. all of which I could do on my iPhone but not in the same way. The iPad was a completely different experience and I loved it! I still have that iPad 2 and I still use it to this day. I've never felt like I needed to upgrade it to the latest iPad because it's still working perfectly fine and it's even running the latest iOS8.  

On October 23rd 2012, Apple released the first iPad mini, smaller, thinner and lighter. Again, the general first impressions from myself and plenty of others, was, what's the point? Unlike the first iPad, it wasn't a new, revolutionary product, it was just a smaller, thinner, lighter version of a product that already existed. However, on my 22nd birthday, I got an iPad mini, and just like the iPad 2, I didn't realise how much I actually loved it until I had it in my hands. This was also around the time I was in university aswell, and by this point, I was using my iPad 2 as a small computer. I was doing lots of work, essays, research etc on my iPad while I was at university, so when I got the iPad mini, it was like I could keep all of that separate and have a more personal tablet. I thought this was so cool because my first thought about the iPad mini was, what can I do on this that I can't already do on my iPad 2? But then I realised there was nothing..nothing I can't already do on my iPad 2, I can't do on my iPad mini, but that wasn't point. The point was that although I can do the same things, It's the way I'm using the tablet that's different. Like I said, I was at university, and a lot of my work was done on my iPad 2 because it was easy for me to take it to lectures to make notes or take it to the library to do research, but a lot of the time, I'd be sat at a desk with it writing essays, and then when I wasn't doing work, I'd generally leave it at home, if I didn't need it I wouldn't carry it around with me. My iPad mini was smaller, lighter, I started bringing it everywhere with me. It fits into all of my bags without taking up loads of space and making it hard to close the bag, I'd use a diary/planner, just browsing the internet when I'm out and about, I don't have 3G but I don't feel like I need it for an iPad because most places have wifi now anyway. It just became a more personal and just fun tablet. 

Since then, Apple have released a few updated versions of both the iPad and the iPad Mini, and for a while, I was started to worry if Apple were running out of ideas, or slowing down because since the first iPad in 2010, there hasn't been any brand new products, only newer versions of products that already exist, the iOS devices and the Mac's. Luckily, in late 2014, Apple unveiled the new Apple Watch, which I'm sure is going to be the next huge thing for Apple in 2015, because not only is it a brand new product, it uses a brand new operating system and user interface, instead of just a squished down iOS! So I am obviously very excited to see what happens when the Apple Watch comes out, however the question after that will be.. what next?? Computers, phones, tablets, watches.. what could be the next big thing for Apple? What's even left?? I love Apple so I want them to do well because when they do get it right.. they get it very right and it's very exciting!

I look forward to finding out what the future holds for Apple! Let me know your thoughts and opinions.. how long do you think Apple will survive after the Apple Watch?? And now, I'm going to make a cup of tea and watch some Netflix on my iPad!  

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Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya