What's on my iPad! 2014

One month ago, I did the "What's on my iPhone" post, and it went down really well so today I thought I would do the "What's on my iPad" post! The iPad i'm going to be talking about is the iPad Mini 16GB

wifi version in white. The iPhone post I did last month was quite long, but I don't have as many apps on my iPad than I do on my phone, and I don't need go into detail about apps I already wrote about before so hopefully this post won't be too long! I think that's a long enough intro, let's get into What's on my iPad!

Starting with the lock screen, I'm using one of the default iOS 8 wallpapers. I prefer using the default wallpapers because they're just nice and simple, this one's my favourite on the iPad!

Unlocking the phone, you can see that I only have one page of apps. That's simply because I have space to fit all the apps I use most on one page and then just have a folder for the randoms! Starting from the very top, I have a few stock apps; the App Store, Calendar, Mail, Messages, Camera, Photos and FaceTime.

YouTube - I watch a lot of YouTube videos so I use this app everyday to keep up with my subscriptions.
Instagram - I rarely post photos from my iPad but it's good to have the app to browse with!
Pinterest - Another one of my many app addictions, I love it!
Facebook - I don't actually know why I still have this app, I just don't use it at all..
GoPro - I spoke about this quite a bit in my iPhone post, but it works the same on the iPad. It's just a really great way to control the GoPro.
BBC iPlayer - The best way to keep up with my favourite shows! I love watching The Graham Norton Show, Russell Howard's Good News, The Apprentice, Sherlock & Doctor Who (when they're on)!
Netflix - I think the US Netflix is better than the UK one, but we still have some good stuff too! Arrested Development is one of my absolute favourites! 
The Sims Freeplay - This is where you'll start to discover my weird gaming addictions..I don't know what is but The Sims is just so fun! 
Simpsons Tapped Out - Again.. I don't know..it's just fun to rebuild Springfield..
Family Guy Quest For Stuff - This one is actually really fun! Essentially, they're all the same games but I don't know.. I love them!
Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 - Now this is a real game! I've actually completed the game but I've kept it on here so I can go back and find all the extra hidden things!
Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 - I actually haven't finished this one yet, I keep taking really long breaks from it but it will get completed one day!

Before I go into that little folder in the corner, I'll just quickly go over the dock! This is where I like to keep my favourite apps, so Safari is just my basic internet browser and then Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+ are 3 of my favourite social networking apps that I like to read through on my iPad. Finally I have my podcasts app because as I mentioned in my iPhone post, I love listening to podcasts!

Ok so inside the folder, I have 3 pages. Most of the apps in here are just the stock apps that I don't use, but there's also a few random apps too. Facebook messenger is the only Facebook app I actually use, I use notes a lot too, especially for saving bits of code for my website so I don't lose it. After trying out so many different notebook apps, I've resorted back to just the default notes app because it's so simple! Then I just have my Settings and Reminders, my Find My iPhone which, I actually find myself using quite a lot because whenever I'm getting ready to go out, I always manage to lose my phone in my bed somewhere, usually underneath an abundance of clothes, so I use the Find My iPhone app to play a sound on my phone so I can find it again! Then I my Videos, Contacts, Clock and iTunes Store, which aren't really that exciting. Except when I travel because I like to download films to watch on my iPad. 


On the second page of the folder, I have the Game Center app, which I don't actually use but I'm constantly getting notifications from people I don't know, to play games I've never heard of, so that's fun! Music, Photo Booth, Newstand and Maps are all apps I don't use on my iPad, I used to use  iBooks all the time at university because I could save PDF's on it, but now I don't use it anymore, but with iOS 8, Apple made it one of their stock apps. Tips is quite a good app, also new with iOS 8. It's one of those apps that I always forget about but every so often it's fun to flick through and find cool new things about iOS 8, or rediscover things you may have forgotten about. The ITV Player is an app I could probably do with deleting, usually, like once a year, a show will come on ITV that I actually want to watch, but most of the time I don't use it at all! TV Player is a good app though, you can use it to watch live TV so I like to use it to watch Family Guy on BBC Three because it's not on the iPlayer! 

Finally I have the Apple Store, which I mostly use for looking at iPhone cases and Pages, which is another app I used all the time at university, it's basically Apple's equivalent to Microsoft Word. One of my favourite things to is open up Etsy and type in Harry Potter and just look at all the amazing things! Etsy is an online shop for people to sell handmade things and some of the stuff on there is just so nice! Last but not least I have the Blogger app, which I use to save draft posts so that I can edit them properly when I'm on the computer.

And that is all! I feel like this blog post should of been called "What Really Doesn't Need To Be on my iPad!", but maybe this will motivate me to organise my apps properly and get rid of apps I don't even use! What are your favourite iPad apps?? Let me know if you think I'm missing any, I love finding new apps!

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Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya