TV Junkie: Best TV Shows of 2014!

Although the year's not over just yet, I wanted to share some of my favourite TV shows that I've been watching this year!

1. Family Guy

It's no secret that I love Family Guy so I was really happy when it came back with a new season! It started with crossover with The Simpsons (which was amazing!),  and it's been consistently funny throughout.

2. Modern Family

I only recently got addicted to this show a few months ago, thanks to Netflix. So after watching the first 5 seasons back to back on Netflix, I was excited to finally see season 6 come out and it's been hilarious! Phil is one of my new favourite TV show characters!

3. The Simpsons

I will always love The Simpsons, although I wasn't too fond of the Futurama crossover they did, the rest of the season has been really fun to watch!

4. South Park

South Park is one of those shows that sometimes takes really breaks in between seasons, so it's been ages since there was any new episodes. So I was really excited when it finally did come back and, although I think I say this about every season of South Park, this may be my favourite season so far!

5. Doctor Who

I've watched so much Doctor Who this year and I've been loving it! I'm so excited for the Christmas special!!

Have you been watching any of these shows too? What have been your favourite shows this year? Let me know in the comments!

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Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya