Tuesday Blog Tips: Improve Your Comments With Disqus

It's Tuesday! Which means it's time for my third post in this series! Today I wanted to share something I discovered a few weeks ago and just started using it properly, and that is Disqus.
Disqus is website that allows you to have more control over your comments. The way it works is that you install it, like a widget for your blog, and then it replaces the default comment box with a new Disqus comment box, and then gives the ability to see your top commenters and which blog posts are creating the most discussions. It's a really great website to check out if your blogger, so here's 5 reasons why!

1. Works on multiple platforms!

2. No code required!
It's so easy to install! When you add your blog, it will give you a widget that you don't need to edit.
Then when your import your existing comments, you will still see old comments in the new Disqus box.

3. Automatically adapts to match colour scheme of your blog!
 This is the default Blogger comment box, it's pretty ugly.

This is the Disqus comment box. It's so much nicer! As you can see, it's automatically adjusted to my red colour scheme I have on my blog..when you install the widget, it reads the colour codes on your blog and matches it automatically!

4. More discussions!
Underneath the comments, Disqus shows other blog posts that have a lot of comments and discussions happening on them, so when readers have finished reading the post they're on, they can go and check out what's going on in other blog posts and see what people are talking about!

5. So much control!

You can choose to approve comments automatically or have them with approval needed, one thing I like to do is let comments come through automatically, but then if someone leaves a link the comments, those ones will need approval. You have an entire dashboard where you can monitor comments on multiple blog posts at one time and on your profile it will show you your top comments and most discussed blog posts.

So that was my 5 reasons why I love Disqus! 

Do you use Disqus for your comments?? Why/Why not?

More tips:

There will be more blog tips next Tuesday!
Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya