Tuesday Blog Tips: 5 Reasons All Bloggers Need Pinterest!

It's Tuesday, which means more blog tips! Today I wanted to talk about one of my favourite things, Pinterest! I love using Pinterest on it's own but after I started using it to promote my blog, I noticed a
significant difference in views and comments etc, and it's really helped to grow my blog. So, I thought I would share my reasons why I now think all bloggers need Pinterest!

1. Categorise posts

On Pinterest you can create boards, which are basically a collection of links from all over the web that you want to bookmark, so you can view them later. You can make as many boards as you want on Pinterest (as far as I know), and one thing that I have found really helpful is creating different boards for different types of blog posts. For example, I have a few different series on my blog like Film Fanatic, TV Junkie, and this one Tuesday Blog Tips. On Pinterest, I can create separate boards in which I can put all of my Film Fanatic posts, one for all my TV Junkie Posts and one for all my Tuesday Blog Tips. This way, whenever I add a new post, followers on Pinterest will see it on their newsfeed and be able to click on the board to see that post and view all the others too.

2. New readers
Before I connected Pinterest to my blog, my followers on Pinterest were different to Twitter followers, Tumblr followers etc, so they weren't seeing any of my blog posts. Since, I started pinning my blog posts to Pinterest, I noticed a dramatic increase in readers and now, when I look at my blog stats, Pinterest is always one of my top traffic source!

3. Verified URL

Unlike Twitter, you can actually get your website verified really easily! When you click on edit profile, there's a space for you to type in your website address, and next to it there's an option to verify your site. If you've connected your blog to Bloglovin', then the process is quite similar. Pinterest will give you a piece of code for you to add your blog, and then when Pinterest finds it, it will verify your site. It's a really good way to prove that you own your site, and also it just looks legit on your profile! Also, once you've verified your site, Pinterest will acknowledge your blog as a business and will give you a new menu tab called "Tips For Your Business", where it will offer you help in getting your content shared around the internet!

4. Analytics 

As I'm sure  I've mentioned before, one thing I love is websites that have analytics, and Pinterest's analytics are so great! It's extremely detailed, it has analytics for your Pinterest profile, your website, your audience, specific pins.. there is so much information and it's really helpful to see which content is getting shared the most!

5. Widgets
Finally, the last thing that makes Pinterest great is their free widgets! Pinterest can create html codes for you to display on your website either your latest pins, like this:
Visit Katya Owu's profile on Pinterest.

Or selected boards like this:
Follow Katya Owu's board TV Junkie on Pinterest.

You can also create a 'Pin It' button, which you may have seen on my profile. Which basically allows readers to bookmark things from your website, to save them on their Pinterest profiles for their followers to see. It's just another great way of sharing content with more, new people.

So that is why I think all bloggers need Pinterest! Let me know your opinions on Pinterest and also if you try any of those tips, let me know how it goes!

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There will be more blog tips next Tuesday!

Katya Owu
Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya