The Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank

So, this is another unplanned Saturday blog post because today, my dad and I took an impromptu drive to Macclesfield, to visit Jodrell Bank and see the Lovell Telescope! It's a really amazing, and
very large, space telescope which when it was built in 1957, was the largest telescope of it's kind! It's still a completely functional telescope today, so you can't actually go inside and see as there are researchers and scientists actually working! It's also part of the University of Manchester, but although you can't go inside, you can still walk around it and see how massive it is. There's also a discovery centre, which has a few different things to teach you about space, there's a little booth that you can go in and hear what a big bang sounds like, (it's pretty scary!), and you can see a real piece of meteorite, and fun stuff like that to look at! Obviously, I had to film the experience because the telescope was really amazing! I don't think the video does justice to the size of the telescope, so here is a photo of my dad standing next to, just to give you an idea of the scale! See if you can spot him!

Here's a closer look!

Haha, it's so big!! Anyway, here is the video I made from the visit.

I also took some photos, which you can check out here!
If you want to learn more about the Lovell Telescope, read about here!
Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya