November in Photos & December FMS Photo A Day

Happy 1st of December!! This blog post comes in 2 parts, recapping November 2014 in photos and introducing the December FMS challenge!

Last month I decided to take part in the FMS Photo A Day challenge on Instagram and I had so much fun doing so! If you're not sure what the challenge is, you can read about it here! Last month was the first month were I actually took a photo on Instagram every single day so I thought I would recap my month in photos!

1st Nov - Something blue.
For the first few weeks of November, I was at my grandparents house in Bristol. I saw this blue boat on the top of one their shelves in the living room, which was perfectly placed in front of some blue flowers!

2nd Nov - I saw this.
This was a sunday morning, Clara decided to climb into my bed because my grandparents had gone out early.

3rd Nov - Weather
Looking out the window of what used to be my mums bedroom.. a cold but sunny winter morning.

4th Nov - Can't Live Without

5th Nov - 8 o'clock
8pm on Bonfire night..the worst night to be a dog!

6th Nov - Made me smile today

7th Nov - On the floor
I saw these boots and the plant on the floor next to the backdoor at my grandparents house, I thought they looked cute!

8th Nov - A place
This is my granddads studio! We spent a lot of time in here doing some stop motion and experimenting with a green screen.

9th Nov - Heck yes!
Back in Manchester now, me and my dad came across the lamp in B&Q that was shaped like a film light!

10th Nov - I do this every day
Drink tea of course!

11th Nov - A set
It had to be a Harry Potter set! (also let's see how many times I managed to bring Harry Potter into this photo challenge).

12th Nov - Normal
I remember that I didn't know what to use for this day, and then my dad sent me this text..

13th Nov - Letters
At home, we have fridge magnets of all the places we've visited, although I haven't actually been to Salt Lake City or San Francisco, my dad got those ones!

14th Nov - For me
Friday night in bed watching Russell Howard's Good News.. definitely for me!

15th Nov - Hot and cold
Hot food on a cold day. This is a Jamaican food takeaway van that we go to on Saturday's ever since me and my brother were kids.

16th Nov - After
After I had a cup of tea..clearly this was an exciting day.

17th Nov - Cooking
I don't actually remember what was being cooked in this photo.. Looks like something with rice..

18th Nov - I love this
More Harry Potter! This is an exact replica of Tom Riddle's Diary I got from the Harry Potter Studio Tour, I love it so much! :)

19th Nov - Whole
Clara again, because that's how dogs make you feel! :)

20th Nov - Bright
This was another picture I took back when I was in Bristol.. I liked the way the sun hit the plants.

21st Nov - Shoes
I was going to see my best friend on this day. We went to the Christmas Market in town, something we do every year. It was very cold though so I was wearing lots of layers!

22nd Nov - A favourite thing
More Harry Potter! For something that's a favourite thing it's got to be Harry Potter related though! Hermione Granger is my favourite character so when I saw this Time Turner necklace at the Studio Tour, I couldn't resist!

23rd - I made this
Technically, I drew this.. I got really into drawing earlier this year and I drew this eye. It's quite creepy when you look at it for a while.

24th - I need to do this
What a surprise, more Harry Potter! I do really need to visit the Wizarding World theme park though!

25th Nov - Time
I actually bought this necklace from Claire's Accessories just after I got back from Paris, it reminded me of how awesome the trip was. However, 2 years ago, I used this necklace in a film I made, and there was a shot we were trying to get where the necklace is dropped on the floor.. so we had to drop it over and over again until we caught it perfectly face up on now the watch doesn't work anymore because we dropped it so many times! 

26th Nov - Wall
Coincidently, I bought this wall decoration to use as a prop for the same film the necklace was in, after the film was made I kept it on my own bedroom wall. It's a nice reminder of making that film and also just university in general.

27th Nov - I'm thankful for this..
Speaking of university..This feels so long about but it's something I should never forget.

28th Nov - Black
One of my favourite places in the world is beaches. It's not somewhere I go often so when I do, I like to collect shells to take home. I keep them in old jars like this.

29th - So this happened..
On Saturday, me and my  dad went to see Interstellar at the IMAX! It was an awesome film which I thought was better than I expected, based on the bad reviews I'd heard surrounding it.

30th - I bought this
Technically, my dad bought it. Two weeks after seeing The Imitation Game, me and my dad took a trip to Milton Keynes to visit Bletchley Park! It was really amazing to see the Imitation Game exhibition as well as some actual Enigma machines and Alan Turing's work close up in real life!

So that was my recap of the FMS Photo Challenge for November! The December challenge starts today, so get involved it's so much fun! All you have to do is take a photo every day using the prompt for the day and use the hashtag #fmsphotoaday!

I look forward to seeing your photos!

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Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya