Fandom Friday: Presents I Want Santa To Bring Me

Happy Fandom Friday! This weeks post is one that my dad has been asking for a lot recently, it's my Presents I Want Santa To Bring! I actually found this really difficult because I don't know what I want
for christmas and also I don't really like asking for things! (apart from last year when I asked if I could go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for the 3rd time to see Hogwarts at christmas!!).  However, in the spirit of Fandom Friday.. and christmas.. here are just 4 ideas! (I couldn't think of a 5th)!

1. Gryffindor Scarf

What a surprise that the first thing on my list is Harry Potter related! Although I said I don't know what I want for christmas, this scarf is actually something I've been looking at since I did the Geeky Things I Need In My Closet Immediately post. The scarves they have on Etsy are so much nicer than anywhere else. They are all handmade, knitted and they look so soft! There's lots of different styles but this one is my favourite! Although Amazon is usually the best for buying things online, I don't like their Harry Potter stuff! I bought a Gryffindor tie from Amazon and it showed up the wrong colour so I don't trust them! Their scarves just aren't as nice as the ones on Etsy.

2. Portable Steadicam for DSLR

One thing I struggle with is holding the camera still, and especially because I like to make videos when I'm out and about, I tend to be walking around and filming at the same time so I get a lot of shaky footage..Even YouTube notices!

3. Gorillapod for iPhone

This is for similar reasons to the steadicam..except I can put it on trees.. Small tripods are always handy though and I love the idea of having one for my iPhone!

4. John Green Box Set

Last month in my Monthly Favourites, I spoke about the Vlogbrothers, video blogging brothers on YouTube, and how the oldest brother, John Green, is an author. Ive been watching a lot of their old videos recently and in one video, John Green reads a section out of his book, Paper Towns, and it's so good! One of his books, The Fault in Our Stars, was made into a film that was extremely successful, (it got 8.1 on IMDB), and the book that he is reading from in the video below, Paper Towns, is currently being made into a film by the people who made Juno! So, I would really like to read his books so that I could see the films because I've been watching some of the production diaries and it looks good!

So, what's on your Christmas list??
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