Book Review: Looking For Alaska

Remember that time I announced a book club series, and then never posted anything about it since. When I made that post, I was in the middle of The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling, and I just couldn't
get into it at all. I will finish it one day but right now I'm just not motivated enough to read it. However, for Christmas, my dad got me the John Green box set and as a big fan of the Vlogbrothers, I was really excited to finally read John Green's books. I've been reading every day since Christmas, and today, I've just finished the first book, Looking For Alaska. So I thought I would kick off the Book Club properly and talk about the book, since I'm going to be reading the whole box set I thought I'd talk about each one and share my first thoughts after I'd finished reading them.

So, this afternoon I finished Looking For Alaska, the first book by John Green. As I was reading it, it was so cool to see so many references and jokes that I'd seen in Vlogbrothers videos but never got the reference! This book came out 2 years before Brotherhood 2.0 started, so I'm looking forward to reading the later books, where I've seen videos of him talking about writing the as he was actually writing them. I'm interested to see how the videos and the viewers have influenced him as he was writing. This book, Looking For Alaska, is about a guy named Miles (aka Pudge) in America, obsessed with the last words of people before they die, who goes to boarding school in Alabama in search of 'The Great Perhaps', which are the famous last words of Francois Rabelais (a poet). He makes friends with a small group of people, including Chip, ( aka The Colonel) and a girl named Alaska. Alaska is a mysterious character who never gives definitive answers to any questions, just doesn't answer how, what or why's, she is very impulsive so when Pudge gets drawn into this new and different lifestyle with Chip and Alaska, he discovers his own 'Great Perhaps'.  As someone whose watched all the Vlogbrothers videos, and seen videos of John reading Looking For Alaska, and referencing stuff in the books, I really enjoyed this book because I could see his sense of humour, and hear the way he speaks as I was reading, so I found it really fun! For someone who hasn't seen any Vlogbrothers videos and doesn't know anything about John Green, I think this book is still enjoyable, not just for teens like it's aimed it, but I think any age adults can enjoy it. Aside from the fact that it's set in a boarding school and they talk about about their classes, the book also asks a lot of questions about life and death, religion and it really makes you think about a lot of those things, what they mean and how they relate to each other. Unlike the Fault In Our Stars, which is a really successful film now, I didn't know anything about what this book was about, other than what I'd read on the back, (John Green never gives anything away in his videos!), so I really didn't know what to expect when I was reading and it was really unpredictable. The book is split into 2 sections, Before and After. The Before section is significantly bigger than the After section, so the whole time I was reading Before, I was thinking 'Before what??!

Overall, it's a really good book! I like the story and I like the mix between the humour and the seriousness.

Tonight I'm going to start reading his next book, An Abundance of Katherine's, so after I've finished reading that, I'll post another, first impressions kind of review.

Have you read Looking For Alaska? What did you think of it??
Thanks for reading!
♡ Katya