A Visit To Bletchley Park

I am so excited to finally be writing this blog post! On November 30th 2014, me and my dad took a short road trip to visit Bletchley Park. It was 2 weeks after we'd seen the film, The Imitation Game,
and we wanted to see the work of Alan Turing in real life. My dad had actually been to Bletchley Park a few years ago, but I'd never been so I was really excited. Since it was not long after The Imitation Game had come out in the cinema, we were expecting it to be busier than usual. However, one thing we didn't expect was to see an entire Imitation Game exhibition, complete with actual props, costumes and sets that were used in the film! It was a really fun surprise and it was amazing to get a closer look at some of things I saw in the film, the level of detail was amazing. We spoke to the woman who was running the exhibition and she said that she met Benedict Cumberbatch when he came to visit, while he was doing his Alan Turing research in Bletchley. She said that he was a really nice guy and really eager to learn as much as he could!

These were the outfits worn in the film by Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley as Alan and Joan!

This is the famous machine that you see Benedict Cumberbatch, as Alan Turing, working on in the film!

This was the set for the bar scene in the film, when you see them sat having drinks!

This was Benedict Cumberbatch's, Alan Turing desk in the film!

After we'd finished at The Imitation Game Exhibition, we continued on to find the real reason we came to Bletchley! When you arrive at Bletchley Park, the first thing you see is some huts, then as you walk around, you will see there's a few huts dotted around the whole park, then there is a huge lake which is so pretty. 

Then right on the other side of the lake is the Bletchley mansion. It was an amazing, quirky looking building, our tour guide told us that there's 19 different types of architecture on the front of the mansion alone. Inside the mansion was like being inside Hogwarts. Long corridors, wall to wall bookshelves, they even had gargoyles by the front door! 

It was really amazing to see all the machines, and all of Alan Turing's work up close. It was also really amazing to see how the real machines looked compared to how they looked in the film!

This is a rebuild of the bombe used to decipher German codes, the original had been scrapped years ago, so this took 12 years to rebuild!

  This was what the inside of the bombe looks like.. a crazy piece of machinery!

Another thing we got to see in Bletchley Park was the Museum of Cinema Technology. This was a really cool, small museum, made of lots of cinema projectors and other film equipment that people had kept over the years, and donated to be preserved in the museum. I really loved this museum because I studied film for 3 years at university and 2 years in college, so I've read about a lot of the old film equipment they had, so to finally see it in real life was so cool!

Our final visit of the day, was to the National Museum of Computing, another exhibition in Bletchley Park that is home to a functional, rebuild of the worlds first electronic computer, Colossus! It was a really cool museum, after seeing Colossus, you get to walk through an entire timeline of computer history. Just like at the cinema museum, it was really cool to see things I've only seen stories about in real life! However, later on in the exhibition, I was so surprised to see an iPhone 3 on display! I did not think I was old enough to see an iPhone 3 in a museum!! The National Museum of Computing, ended with a section of old video games, so obviously I had to stop and play a few of the games!

This is Colossus. A working rebuild of the worlds first computer!

An entire history of video games.

Bletchley Park is a really amazing place to visit, it's cool to not only just learn, but actually see so much history, from the war, to computers, to cinema and obviously, to Alan Turing. I really recommend taking a trip down there! (Btw, if you want to see The Imitation Game exhibition, that's only there for 1 year). 

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I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!
Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya