What's On My iPhone! 2014

I love iPhone apps but I also love looking at other people's apps to see what kind of apps they like to use but I also find it really interesting to see how they organise and arrange their apps! The What's On
My iPhone tag has been a popular tag for quite a while now, particularly on YouTube and I love them because it's a really fun way to discover new apps, so I thought it was about time I did my own version. I tend to download a lot apps and move things around quite often so once a year from now on, I'm going to do an updated version of What's On My iPhone! Also for anyone interested, I have the 16GB Gold iPhone 5S! Enjoy reading and hopefully you'll discover some new apps!

So starting with my wallpaper, I have this really cool picture of Sherlock in front of the tardis :D I usually go to Pinterest for my wallpapers because there's always loads of fun stuff on there!

Unlocking the phone you'll see that I don't have any folders on the first page. This is because I like to have my most used apps just out there so I can see them straight away and access them quicker, I don't really like searching through folders to find an app. (I know you can use the spotlight search but I always forget it exists!) Right at the top of my phone, I like to have the standard phone apps there, the calendar, phone, mail, camera, photos, clock, Google maps and weather. For the most part, I am happy with those apps that come with the iOS, apart from the maps app, which I prefer Google maps because for some reason, Apple maps got rid of the public transport information. On the dock I have safari as my main browser, messages, and Twitter and Instagram, as they are the apps I tend to use the most.

  • Foursquare - I like using Foursquare when I'm visiting a place and I'm not familiar with the area, if I'm looking for a particular place, like a Cafe, I can search for it, or I can easily browse what's in the area and see what's nearby. It's really handy when travelling! I like using it find places that have free wifi :D
  • Podcasts - I don't really listen to that much music anymore, I have a small Spotify playlist that I haven't updated in ages but one thing I am really into at the moment is podcasts. I recently got into this after I finally decided to listen to Rhett and Link's podcast, Ear Biscuits. It's so fun to listen to, while I'm editing my blog or I'm out somewhere, travelling etc. This podcast get's released every week and each episode is an hour long. I'm really loving podcasts at the moment and it makes a nice change to listening to music.
  • Swarm - Swarm is an extension of Foursquare, you used to be able to Check In to places within the Foursquare app but they recently released a separate app called Swarm, which is now where you go to Check In. I didn't really see the point in separating Check In's from Foursquare but after a few updates, I've been using this constantly. 
  • Flickr - I won't talk too much about Flickr because not too long ago, I wrote an entire blog post where I talked about everything it does so you can check that out here! But I love this app for organising my photography and just having a browse. 
  • Tumblr - I love Tumblr!! It's a fun way to share photos, videos, blogs, and just bask in all things nerdy!
  • Google+ - I think Google+ is so underrated, I prefer it so much more to FaceBook. It has a cleaner layout, it's more organised, it's easier to view whatever you want to view like family, friends, news. You can categorise everything so you can choose what you want to see, also you can join communities which is an amazing way to discover people with the same interests as you. Especially for other filmmakers and other bloggers, it's such a great way to share your work and see lots of other films and discover new blogs to read!
  • Pinterest - As I said before, I usually go to Pinterest for my wallpapers, but I love Pinterest for more reasons than just that. I use to it discover new blogs to read, I've found loads of really useful blogging tips on Pinterest. It's also a fun way to share my blog posts or if I'm sat around waiting or something, it's really fun to browse through all the fun Tumblr style nerdiness! 
  • Messenger - Facebook's app, I use this more than Facebook because I don't really read through my news feed that much anymore but this app is a really easy way for me to to talk to family and friends.
  • ToDo Movies - This is one of my current favourite apps for films! It's basically an app that lets you browse films that are in the cinema, coming soon, or browse through an entire film selection by their genres. The reason I love this app so much is because you can easily create lists of films you want to see and then it sends you a reminder when it comes out, or you can choose when you'd like to be reminded. When you've watched a film on your list, you can tick it off and it moves it over to a 'Watched' list, so you can achieve the films you've seen as well as being reminded about upcoming films!
  •  Bloglovin - My number one blog reading app! It has such a clean layout so it's easy to keep up with latest posts from your favourite bloggers!
  • YouTube - I don't actually watch videos the iPhone app, I mainly use it if I'm with someone and I want to quickly show them something, or I use it to check on my channel. When it comes to actually sitting and watching though my subscriptions, I tend to use the YouTube app on my iPad.
  • Facebook - I don't really like Facebook but it's just one those things that everyone uses and it's the easiest way to keep up with friends and family that you don't get to see often.

Moving over to the second page, along the top I have some more standard iOS apps; the app store, FaceTime, reminders and notes. With the reminders and notes apps, I've downloaded various different third party apps as an alternative but I'm happy with the built in apps.

  • Blogger - This app is good for typing up blog posts on the go. Although you can actually publish within the app after you've posted, I prefer to save a new post as a draft so that the next time I'm on my computer, I can add all the related links. However, if you have any posts already typed up and saved up in drafts,  you can easily publish them from the app while you're on the go!
  • Apple Store - I've never actually used this app to buy anything but I like looking at iPhone cases and checking out new products when they're released. 
  • BBC News - This is my favourite news app for keeping up with what's going on in the world.
  • Timehop - I love this app! You connect it to all your social media accounts and every single day, it bring's up status, photos, videos from what you were doing on this day 1 year ago, 2 years ago etc. It's a really cool app especially if you tend to post quite a lot on social media, I've gotten posts that have been pulled from 7 years ago! I find it really funny to read old statuses and stupid tweets that I've posted from years ago! I made a short blog post about Timehop after I first downloaded it, so you can check that out here!
  • iMore - This app is all about the latest Apple news, mainly iOS, but it stays up to date with the latest news, apps and reviews. I've discovered so many cool apps from here based on the editor's recommendations. They also do their own 'What's On My iPhone' series which I love reading! Check out their latest one here!
  • Camera + - This is one of my favourite photo editing apps, it gives you so much control over what you can edit. 
  • Studio Design - This is a fairly new app on my phone, I've only had it a few weeks but it has become my number 1 go to app for making thumbnails for my blog. You upload a photo and then you can add filters, text, shapes, frames and so much more but the great thing about it is that it's completely free. Normally with photo editing apps like this, they are free to download and come with a selection of built in features but if you want more it will be an in-app purchase. However this app has so many different features you can download completely for free! I'm planning on reviewing the app in full in a separate post so I won't talk about it too much but I really do love this app!
  • Typic - This is another photo editing app where you can add filters and text effects, it doesn't have as many features as the previous apps, but it's still a nice simple editing app for when you just want to add a little something nice to a photo and not search through lots of different effects.
  • Whitagram - I'm pretty sure most people know what this app does by now, it simply allows you to upload landscape or portrait pictures to Instagram without having to crop it to fill the square.
  • Hyperlapse - Instagram's time-lapse app. I prefer this to the time-lapse app built in with iOS 8, it's so much smoother and you can control the speed of the playback. I tested it out when it was first released that you can see here!
  • Vine - I don't Vine as often as I Instagram, but it's still fun every now and then!
  • IMDB - I love IMDB, it solves that really annoying problem of when you're watching something and you can't remember a certain actor's name! I also like, when a new film comes out, to check out the director and what kind's of films he's directed before. 
  • Odeon - My and my dad have Odeon loyalty points cards so I use this app to see how many points I have. The card comes with a barcode that you can scan with the app and it reads it to keep an updated account of your points, as well as showing you what you can get with your points and how many more points you need to get more rewards. 
  • GoPro - This app is really awesome because you can connect your GoPro to the phone so that you can control it through wifi on your phone. You can use your phone as a monitor, change the settings wirelessly and take photos and videos which you can then save directly to your phone!
So now I just have my settings and the only folder that I have on my phone!

So when you open up the folder, you will see where this is where I keep all of the default iOS apps that I don't really use but can't delete, along with some other random apps, like my mobile banking app. 

On the second page I have more stock apps that I don't use but then I have the Trainline app which I use to check tickets and timings, and the Yahoo weather app. Earlier, I mentioned that I am happy with the weather app that comes with the phone, however, I downloaded this recently because in the latest update, you can add a widget to the notification center, so when you pull down from the top of the phone, there is a really nice weather display from this app!

  • IFTTT - This app is so handy! It stands for 'If This Then That', which basically means if you post something here, then send it over there. Basically, the way it works is that, you can set it up so that if you post a new Tweet, it will automatically post it to Tumblr, or if you upload a video to YouTube, it will post it to Twitter with a link. There a so many combinations that you can make. I use it for whenever I publish a new blog post, it automatically shares it to all my social media accounts so that I don't have to! 
  • Little Moments - This app is quite similar to Tinypic. It's a really nice simple app that lets you add filters and text effects without being overwhelmed by options. This app was made by FatMumSlim, so I use this app to edit all my FMS Photo A Day challenge's.
  • PicFrame - Finally I have PicFrame. I don't use this app too often but if I want to make a little collage for Instagram, I like to use this app. 
So there you have it, everything I have on my iPhone! I know this blog post is a lot longer than usual but it's a post that I've wanted to do for a while now, so if you made it all the way to the end then you're awesome! Or if you haven't still have seen enough about apps, click here to see more!

You can also check out Whats On My iPad!

Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya