TV Junkie: Doctor Who Season 8

I am writing this only almost an hour after watching the season finale of this season's Doctor Who, but there's so much to talk about before I even get to that! So this was the first season with Peter
Capaldi as The Doctor and I thought he was awesome! I loved him, he was so funny! Although the season is finished now, I'm still not sure how I feel about Clara.. I feel like I'm supposed to like her but for some reason don't! I kind of feel like she's an unrealistic character, looking back at Rose and Martha, they were so cool and normal, as in I can imagine them being real people so they're more relatable. Whereas I don't feel like that with Clara.. maybe I just need to stop comparing her to previous companions! I want to like her but I don't know! Maybe it will come..(I think I still I miss the 10th Doctor & Rose!). Once again, so much happened in this season but all of it was leading up to the finale where we finally find out who Missy is! About halfway through the season, we started to get little glimpses of a mysterious new character who turns out to be a woman called Missy. We finally got to meet her in the finale in shocking twist that she is actually The Master!! I actually did not see that coming at all! In the part one of the finale we get the initial reveal at the end of the episode, but in part two we get to see her full on! She's actually my favourite evil character so far! I loved her, she was so funny! The entire finale was so epic, Chris Addison was also hilarious, Danny was epic.. The only wish I could see more of Missy's evil plans, I felt like we got to know her so well and then it was over! Anyway, overall I think Peter Capaldi is an awesome Doctor! I think I actually like him more than Matt Smith.. he's so funny! I can't wait to see more of the 12th Doctor but for now at least we have the Christmas Special to look forward to, which looks amazing with Nick Frost as Santa :D

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♡ Katya