Tuesday Blog Tips: Improve Your Blog With Google+

I recently mentioned in a blog post, that I was thinking of starting a series of weekly blog tips where each week I share a few handy tips and bits of advice that has helped me, anything from useful html
codes to what social media can do for your blog. This leads to me the first topic in the series, how to improve your blog with Google+. I love Google+, I think it's a really underrated social network so I wanted to share 5 things I love about it can that improve your blog too!

1. 'One Account - All of Google'
My blog is powered by Blogger, which is part of Google, so that you means if you have a Blogger account, you can connect it to Google+ and set it to share automatically. This way, when people follow you, they will see your latest posts in their feed without you even having to do anything.

2. Communities
This is what keeps me coming back to Google+. On Google+ there is a feature called communities, which is a collection of groups of people with different interests. There are communities for almost anything on Google+, you can find groups for fandoms like Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who. groups of filmmakers, photographers, bloggers.. there are so many! As a blogger, communities are extremely useful because whenever you write a blog post about anything, you can find a relevant community to share it with and you instantly have direct access to a bigger audience. Obviously, the whole point of it being a community is that if you want people to read your blogs, watch your videos and interact with you, you have to reach out to other people in the community. Read their blogs, leave them comments, if you like something you read..tell them! If you only post in communities with your own self promotion all the time, people will just switch off, probably think your just spamming them and generally will be less interested. Whereas, if they see your an active community member that makes the effort to read and comment on other people's blogs, then they will be more likely to make the effort to read and comment on your blog too. Communities are useful for if your just starting out in blogging. It's a really great place to find established blogs that are really successful and check out their blogs, see what they are doing that makes them so successful. Finally, if you don't see any communities that are relevant to you, you can create a community yourself and invite people to join it! 

3.  Integrated Comments
Once you have set your blog to share on Google+ after posting and joined some communities, another thing you can do is tell your blog to include Google+ comments on your blog. What this means is that if someone comments on your Google+ post instead of in your actual comments section on your blog, those Google+ comments will actually show up in the comments section on your blog. This is a great tool for bloggers because if you share your blog to other social media sites, Twitter, Facebook etc, they will be able to read the comments from Google+ and see what people are saying. Without it, Google+ comments will only stay on Google+, so when you share it to other networks, it will look like nobody is commenting. People are more likely to comment if they see other people commenting because people like to know what's going on and join the discussion. 

4. +1 Reccomendations
People love recommendations, they are more likely to try something if it has been recommended to them, especially if lot's of people have recommended it. This goes for blogs too. Adding a simple +1 button to your blog is such an easy way to encourage more people to read, if a blog has a lot of recommendations then it's probably good! It's such a great tool that works for everyone. For bloggers, it's really great to have lots of recommendations so more people read, and for people commenting, they don't have to sign in, subscribe, follow, or receive any kind of notifications, they can just simply press the +1 button and then be done with it! As a blogger, you can implement the +1 button anywhere on your blog! You can add it directly to all your blog posts, or grab the html code straight from Google+ and embed it anywhere on your blog! Check it out here, they have instructions on how to implement it!

5. Manage Your Content With Circles
If your following a lot of people on Google+ and/or don't want to overwhelm your friends or family with self promotion, you can use circles to select who you want to share your content with, or you can choose to only share with family or friends depending on what the content is. I love this because it's a perfect way of balancing your personal life, with your social media, blogging life. I can choose to read only my family updates, only my friends, or only updates from people I'm following. Then, if for example I've been on a family holiday and want to share the photos, I can choose specifically who I want to share them with.. or if I've written a new blog post, I can choose to share it publicly, or with a circle of people who I  exclusively want to share it with. This feature can improve your blog because just like with communities, you can specially choose the people you want to share your content with so your getting the audience you want.

So there you have it! 5 reasons I love Google+ and how I think you can use it to improve your blog! As I mentioned, this is the first blog post in a series of 'Tuesday Blog Tips' so I'll be back with some more tips next Tuesday. I'm going to try and keep them specific to just one topic each week, Google+ was the first topic, so maybe next week will be a 'How To' with some html! I have a lot of ideas of what I want to write about for this series so I'm sure the format will improve as I continue to do more of these. 

What are your opinions on Google+? Do you think your blog would be any different without it?
Also, if you have any tips or anything you'd like to know whether it's code related or social media related, leave it in the comments and if I know how to do it, I'll share it :D 

Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya