Monthly Favourites! November 2014

I have been excited about this blog post all month! This is something I used to do on my old blog every month, where I chose 10 different categories, like films, tv, item of clothing, food etc, and write
about something in that category that I had been enjoying that month. It became really fun to do because it was good way to keep a record of my things that I was currently loving. However, sometimes some of favourites hadn't changed since the last month so it got slightly repetitive.

I did really like doing it though so I wanted to bring it back to this blog but in a slightly new (hopefully better), format to make it more fun. Instead of picking categories, I'm going to just talk about 10 random things I've been enjoying each month. This way, it will be different each month so it will be more fun to read, and also fun for me to look back on and remember what I was into!

After that long introduction, here are my 10 things I've been loving this month!

1. The Imitation Game
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I'm sure everyone knows about this film by now, I think it's the best film I've seen this year so far! It's an amazing story and made me leave the cinema with so much to think about! I wrote a review after I saw it that you can see here!

2. Doctor Who Season 8 Finale

I loved this for a number of reasons! Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor, Missy and the Master... and the  first teaser for the christmas special!

3. Studio Design

I fell in love with this app after I started using to create my thumbnails for my blog posts! It's a really fun and creative photo editing app and I love it! I wrote about it in more detail in my Smartphone Apps I Cannot Live Without post.

4. FMS Photo A Day Challenge

After following the challenge on Instagram for the past few months, I finally decided to get involved at the start of this month. It's be so fun looking around my house and random places to find fun things to take pictures of. So far, I've not missed a single day and I can't wait to start the December challenge!

5. Vlogbrothers

This is one of the first channels I ever subscribed to on YouTube, back when YouTube was this weird new thing and everyone was using MySpace.. For those who may be confused, the channel was created by John Green and Hank Green, two brothers who decided that, as an experiment, they would have no textual communication and only communicate with each other via video blogging for 365 days, excluding weekends. The experiment was called Brotherhood 2.0 and as the year went on it gained a lot of attention.

However, this was back in 2007 and after their 365 day experiment was over, John and Hank decided to continue making YouTube videos, and they now have millions of subscribers, have had tons of success, including working with Bill Gates, and John Green, the older brother, who is also a writer (check out his stuff here), has had one of his books turned into an incredibly popular film. Anyway! I still watch them seven years later, and I recently got into a spiral of re-watching lots of their old videos and just remembering how much I actually love them on YouTube! I don't know if it's because of their random sense of humour, their insane amount of knowledge, or the fact that they talk about Harry Potter a lot (probably that one), but they are just so fun to watch!

6. American Ape

Towards the end of October, my best friend and I came across this random American sweet shop in Afflecks Palace, I had to Google the name before I could write about it but it's called American Ape and it's awesome! I have a fascination with American things, probably because I've never been to the US so I just see things in films and TV that I'm always intrigued by! So I was really excited when we stumbled across this place, it has so many American things like Milk Duds, Twinkies, Nerds, Laffey Taffey, a million flavours of Pop Tarts, cereal that looks like a box of sweets.. and I finally got to try Root Beer.. I still don't really get what it is but I liked it. Also, I went in there last Friday, and they had a little Harry Potter section! Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans and Gummy Slugs, so obviously I bought one of each because I couldn't leave empty handed! And yes, the chocolate frogs came with wizard cards! (I got Hagrid and Quirrel).
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7. Notebooks

This is a bit random but there's a reason for it! I've been blogging a lot more than usual recently, so I've been writing down ideas and stuff every day, and I've been writing them in my Tom Riddle diary that I got from the Harry Potter studio tour. It's so nice it makes me actually want to write more. I also have two other notebooks, one which I've been saving my cinema tickets and one I've been saving train tickets in :)

8. My Little Yellow Purse

At the end of October, I went down to Bristol to see my grandparents and while I was there, my grandma gave me this little yellow purse, which she said she bought me when I was little kid. She told me a story of how she would also give me some random loose change and one day I was just walking round with a bunch of change and nowhere to put it, so she went into Asda and bought this little yellow purse for me. However, I left the purse in Bristol and now, years later, my grandma found it randomly in a cupboard so when I went down to visit she gave it to me so I could finally take it home! It was in perfect condition and it even still had the price tag on. It was really weird seeing it because it's so small and I don't even remember it but it's been fun having something from my childhood and actually using it!

9. Film Lamp
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A few weeks ago, me and my dad were in B&Q looking for storage boxes and as we were about to leave, I found this lamp that is in the style of the lights I used while filmmaking! It was one of those moments, like finding those Harry Potter sweets, where it was just too perfect!

 10. Medium

I spoke about this in a blog post recently, its another blogging platform but it has such a nice simple design and I've really enjoyed flicking through articles on my phone. It's really great for if you just want to read something quick but you don't know what, just flick through random posts and then come across something really interesting!

So that is it! My first revised version of my monthly favourites! From now on, I will be doing the same thing at the end of every month so if you enjoyed this then stayed tuned for my December favourites when I'll be sharing 10 things I've been loving that month!

Another thing I just realised is that I think I enjoy writing the long blog posts more than the short ones..

What have you kinds of things have you been enjoying this month??
Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya