Life Lately. A Blogger's Chat.

It's currently just gone 11pm, I've just made a cup of tea and I thought I'd do an impromptu update on things. I've recently got back from a 2 week trip to Bristol to visit my grandparents. My grandad runs
his own stop motion production company called Bear Metal Productions, and I went down to help shoot some scenes for a music video. It was so much fun, obviously stop motion is very time consuming, so we spent the first week doing test shoots and trying out different lighting and seeing what we could do with a green screen! I took my own camera down to Bristol so I've got some short videos I filmed that I will edit as a little 'behind the scenes', which will be up tomorrow, as well as some photos and production stills I took! Although I'm back in Manchester now, I am still helping out with the filming, we have a shared dropbox file that we can upload video files too so that I can edit them and send them back!

Another thing I wanted to talk about was my blog in general. Once again, I'm thinking about making some changes (surprise), nothing too drastic though. It's taken me a few months to get my blog to a standard that makes me happy, however, I'm always looking for new ways to make it more engaging. So with that in mind, I had a look through my recent blog posts to see if there was any kind of trend or pattern, and the last 2 weeks or so, I blogged pretty much every day for me and it's seems to be working well for me. When I first started this blog it was for 2 reasons: to share my film work and also to document things in my life I'd want to look back on. There was no real structure, it was just whenever I had something new to share I'd blog about it. Which is fine. However now, what started off as hobby has sort of turned into a passion (or maybe obsession?!), and I've invested so much time into it that I have so much blog about, as a result of spending hours on google looking up html codes and all sorts of things.

The point I'm trying to get to is that I want to stick to my currently regular blogging habits, with a new schedule to post Monday to Friday. Weekends are for being lazy so I won't be posting then UNLESS, I've watched a film that I want to review then I'll do it on the day regardless of it being a weekend or not (otherwise I won't remember what happened in the film). That also means that there will be blog post this Saturday because me and my dad are finally going to see The Imitation Game!!  I'll definitely being reviewing it as soon as I get home. Anyway.. another thing I'm going to introduce to my blog, starting next week, is blog tips! I am nowhere near any kind of expert level when it comes to blog design, coding etc. However, I do have a few handy tips and tricks that I've learnt so far whilst blogging, that have helped me a lot. So every Tuesday, I'm going to write up some tips that I've learnt and that I can share to you.

Reading other peoples 'how to' blogs is what helped me and isn't sharing what blogging is all about?! Also, if I share something which you know a better or easier way of doing, then you could share that with me and we can help each other! I'm not 100% sure of the format yet, other than the fact it's going to be every Tuesday so that I can call it Tuesday Tips.. or Tuesday Blog Tips.. It might consist of maybe 5 tips each week, or maybe just 1 topic a week.. I'm not sure yet. I have quite a few tips saved in my notes on my computer so I'll use those for my first few posts and then from onwards it will most likely be tips I've learnt that week! I think it will be a fun way for me to learn more about blogging and also share it with other people and maybe help someone else!

It took me an hour to write this post because I kept going off topic.. this is why I need structure..
♡ Katya Owu
Thanks for reading!