How I Survived University!

I've been thinking a lot about university recently because this is usually the time of year that my housemates and I would be decorating our house and going to Tesco to stock up on food and drinks
for our Christmas dinner!

Aside from all the fun and excitement of Christmas, this was also the time of the year when the first deadlines/exams of the semester were drawing closer and there'd be nothing to do but study over the Christmas holidays! So in preparation for that, I thought I'd share a few things that I wouldn't have made it through university without!

1. Friends
You may think that your friends of all people might be a distraction and should be avoided when you need to study, however, they're the most important people right now. Even if they're on a completely different course, all that stress and worry that you may be feeling, they're feeling it too! Instead of using each other as excuse to procrastinate, use each other as motivation. Studying can be really boring sometimes, but when I was at uni, I was always more likely to go the library if I had someone to go with. We'd never talk to each other, in fact, we'd actually just put headphones and get on with our work quietly, but we'd text or call each other first thing in the morning to wake each other up to go to the library.
Yep, those are actual texts my friend sent me once!

2. Family
The difference between friends and family is that, with having friends at uni, you can motivate each other and work together, however, they're still going to be stressed and worried about their own stuff, in the same way that you are. Whereas with family, you can have someone outside of the crazy university life to just remind you of what's important and also give some perspective. When your feeling stressed, it's too easy to focus on one little thing and worry about it constantly, although it is natural to worry, and it's actually good to worry because it shows you care, you still need to have perspective because although it can feel like it, whatever you're worrying about, isn't the end of the world. Family are really great for helping you remember that because once you stop worrying about it, you can actually think better.

3. Posters
I'm not talking about music or film posters here. I'm talking about making posters with important information on and putting them around your bedroom walls so you can always see them! This is something that helped me so much because no matter how much you read or study something, there's always going to be at least one thing that you forget. So write everything down! One thing I used to do was write out all of the grades I could possibly get, from the lowest to the highest and next to it I'd write what percentages I'd need to get in my next piece of work, in order to get those grades overall. This way, whenever, I got a piece of work back after it'd been marked, I could see what percentages I needed to get in order to get a good grade. While it's not neccessarily important to worry about what grade your going to finish with (even though I always did), it's still important to have something to try and work towards. If you can see that your only a few percentages away from a higher grade, it will motivate you to work harder. I also used to write out my deadlines and stick them on on the walls so I could see them.

This never actually motivated me but it always made me laugh, which is just as good!

4. Checklists
I became a serious list maker while I was at uni (can you tell by my blog posts lately?), but it's such good habit to get into. Whenever you get a new assignment or project, after you've read through the brief, write down everything the assignment is asking you to do, in list form. I used to do this all the time because whenever I was doing an assignment and I wanted to check something or see if I'd missed anything, I'd never want to read the entire brief again so I'd have my lists with me so I can easily see what I needed to do. I'd also make a bigger copy of my lists so I could put them up on my wall nearest my computer so that I could look up and see everything I have to do for that assignment, tick off as I go along and I'd have the deadline dates written underneath so I could always stay on track.

5. Sleep!
Yes, the thought of deadlines/exams is stressful and yes, you may feel like no matter how much you study, you're never going to be prepared.. but you will be, and the most important thing of all is to remember that it's okay to take breaks! I spent countless nights in the library with my friends and course mates until ridiculous hours of the morning, but one thing I learnt is that the world doesn't end if you leave the library to go to bed. You're so much more productive when your not sleep deprived, so don't feel guilty about leaving the library before the sun comes up!
You can usually tell when you need to sleep...

 University isn't all that bad! Make the most of it and don't spend all your time worrying about the little things! December/January is one of the most stressful times as a student but there is light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully these tips will help you to remember that :)

What was/is your university experience like??

Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya