Film Review: The Imitation Game

Earlier this evening, me and my dad went to see The Imitation Game! A film we have both been looking forward to for quite a while. The film, based on a true story, is all about Alan Turing and the
Enigma code. The Enigma code was a code used by the Nazi's to communicate with each other during World War 2, and Alan Turing, who was an extremely clever mathematician, was the best hope of cracking the code and essentially winning the war. Alan Turing, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, builds a machine that can decrypt the codes faster than any amount of time humans beings would be able to. He does this with the help of 3 other guys and a woman named Joan Clarke, played by Keira Knightley, and together they race against time to build the machine and crack the enigma code. Outside of all that, we also see Alan's personal struggle, dealing with the fact that he was homosexual at a time when that was illegal in Britain and if anyone found out, he would be thrown in jail and potentially not be allowed to continue his work.  It is a very emotional and moving film but there is also an element of light heartedness. It's actually a really funny film, which I'd heard it was in interviews with Benedict that I've seen because he's kind of like a Sherlock character, in a way he knows he's probably the smartest one in the room and he likes to correct and pick up on every little thing that people say to him when he speaks, so there is a lot of funny back and forth between Alan and Charles Dance's character. Obviously, going in to this film, I already knew it was a true story and so I already knew the ending, however, it was one of those films that I just got completely immersed in while I was watching that it was almost like I forgot I was watching a film, so at the end when you see what happens it really hits hard because it's like a sudden reminder and its' like 'oh yeah... that actually happened!', and when you look back and think back what did actually happen, it's crazy and just so unimaginable. I said to my dad after we left the cinema, normally when we go and watch a film, when it ends, people start to stand up, make their way out but pretty much instantly start talking about the film and asking each other what they thought etc.. but when this film finished..the entire cinema was just dead silent, people just made there way out without even talking, there was just nothing to say. Everything Alan Turing did and went through was incredible, it's a very inspiring and emotion film and I would recommend it to anyone.

If you haven't already seen the trailer, it's worth a watch:

Apparantly it doesn't come out in the US until November 28th?! I promise you it's worth the wait!!

A photo posted by Katya Owu (@katyaowu) on

A photo posted by Katya Owu (@katyaowu) on

Have you seen The Imitation Game, do you plan to? Let me know your thoughts on this film!
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