Film Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

I have seen so many reviews of Guardians of the Galaxy and had so many of my friends telling me I should watch it. I was never reluctant to watch it in the first place, I just wasn't familiar with any of
the characters, in the same way as I with other Marvel characters, like The Avengers, so I never really  spent the time to give it any second thought. However, the film has got 8.4 on IMDB and I've seen reviews where people have said it's better than The Avengers! So I finally watched it, but first off, I don't think it's better than The Avengers.. in fact, I think this films more comparable to Star Wars (although it's not better than Star Wars either). The only way I think this film is anything like The Avengers is that they're both big Hollywood Blockbuster's with a group of heroes who come together. However, the one thing I didn't realise before watching Guardians of the Galaxy, was that they're not actually superheroes in the same way that The Avengers are. They are group of criminals and highly trained assassins from different planets, the main character, Peter, is a regular guy from earth with no special powers. For anyone else who hasn't seen it yet, the film is basically about Peter, who gets abducted by a spaceship as a child, and now as an adult we meet him on a deserted planet looking for this special, but extremely valuable object. What he doesn't realise is that this mysterious object is also being tracked down by a group of criminals, who all want it for their own reasons, come after Peter, soon after he steals it. However, there's another character in the mix, a villain, who want's to use the object to destroy the world, so now Peter, who realises his personal reasons for wanting the mysterious object are now less important, needs to figure out how to cooperate with the criminals to keep the object away from the villain and stop him from destroying the world. 

In terms of the plot, the story, everything that happens.. it's not a perfect film. However, it is very entertaining. The characters are written so well, in particular, a character called Drax, who is from a planet that doesn't have metaphors, or puns so he understands everything literally, and he speaks literally. It's written so well, pretty much every line of his was hilarious! Then there's Groot, who is a tree.. and he can only say 'I am Groot', which you would think, would start to get annoying, but they use it just the right amount so that it's funny. He kind of reminds me of the trees in Lord of the Rings.. Finally there's Rocket, who I think is the centre of all the comedy in the film, all the jokes either revolve around him or they come from him. I love watching big Hollywood Blockbuster type films but it is always refreshing when they don't take themselves too seriously, and this film does that really well. It is lighthearted and silly but that's what makes you love the characters so that during the more serious parts of the film, you feel for them and you still get pulled into the story. All in all, I thought it was a fun film and I'm glad I finally watched! :) I'm pretty sure most people have seen it by now, but if you haven't, here's the trailer!

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