Fandom Friday: Smart Phone Apps I Cannot Live Without

I have been looking forward to this Fandom Friday for so long! It's all about apps I can't live without, and as a person who is addicted to iPhone apps, I found it so hard to just choose 5! I recently did the
'What's On My iPhone' blog post that you can check out here! But for now, here are my top 5 smart phone apps I cannot live without!

1. Twitter

I love Twitter because it's the quickest way to keep up with all the latest news, there's lots of fun people to follow and as far as social networking goes, it's my favourite way to share blog posts, Instagram pictures and films I've made.

2. Instagram

I'm way too obsessed with Instagram. I love taking photos with my phone and Instagram is the perfect way to share them and also archive them together for myself. I love how social it is, all the photo challenges, hashtags, also the popular page with photos based on photos you've posted in the past (mine's usually Harry Potter & Sherlock photos!). 

3. Pinterest

The more I use Pinterest, the more I get addicted to it. It's my go to place for iPhone wallpapers, outfit ideas, blogging tips and just all things fun and nerdy! 

4. Bloglovin'

This is my favourite blogging app for reading the latest posts from people I follow, saving blog posts I might want to read later, and then when I'm all caught up, I can search through a selection of categories to find new blogs to read!

5. Studio Design

This app is AMAZING! It's a photo editing app that allows you to add filters, text effects and so much more to your photos for free! A lot of photo editing apps come with a certain amount of free filters but then if you want more there's usually some 69p or £1.49 in-app purchases. However, this app is free to download and comes with SO many add ons that you can download for free so you can create the most awesome pictures. I've been using this app to make all my recent blog thumbnails (apart from Fandom Friday!). Also, if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed but the amount of effects and filters you can use, they have a section called 'remixes', so you can browse to see how other people have been using the app, use some pre-made templates and change the text to whatever you like. It's updated every single day, all the filters are categorised into most popular, nature, lifestyle, moods, and so many more depending on the kind of photo you've uploaded. It's awesome!

So these are my top 5 iPhone apps..what are yours?!

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Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya