Fandom Friday: Comfort Foods That Always Make Me Feel Better

Time for another Fandom Friday! This week's theme is 'Comfort Foods That Always Make Me Feel Better'. This theme actually fits in really well this week, as it was Bonfire Night on Wednesday, I
definitely prefer to stay indoors whilst all the fireworks are going off so comfort food was very much needed this week!

1.  Nandos

My favourite restaurant of all time. I love it so much!

2. Pot Noodles

Pot Noodles are one my favourite things to snack on.. I normally have them or some other kind of noodles for lunch, but I also love having them in the evening or after coming in from the cold. Original Curry and Chicken and Mushroom are my favourite flavours :D 

3. Mini Roll

It's like a really small cake, how can you not love it! 

4. Taco Bell

There are only 4 Taco Bell's in the UK, one of which is where I live in Manchester. It only opened 2 or 3 years ago, that's it pictured above. Before Taco Bell opened, I've never had a burrito before, it's not really a common British thing, but after having my first one at Taco Bell, I am now obsessed with them! They are so good! The first time I actually went to Taco Bell, I ordered a taco..if it's in the name I thought I may as well, but I must of just had a bad taco because it really soggy. It put me off for a bit but the menu looks so good that I had to try something else, so I ordered my first ever burrito and it was amazing! I've had a few different ones since then but my favourite is the Flaming Lava Burrito (I think that's what it's called). I think it's probably safe to assume that Taco Bell in America is probably better but our little food court version is good too!

 5. Kool Runnings

This is a Manchester thing, it's a Caribbean takeaway that I've been going to with my dad and brother for a very long time! We go on Saturday's and get our regulars and we love it, I always get the curried chicken with rice :D

Once again, this blog post has made me hungry! 

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Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya