Fandom Friday: Black Friday Purchases I Would Sacrifice A Night Of Sleep For

So Black Friday is another American tradition that doesn't happen over here in the UK. However, our closest equivalent I can think of is the Boxing Day sales.
Every year on Boxing Day, all of the biggest shops have massive post-christmas sales. Shopping is always insane at this point because you have all the people out for the 70% off sales, and then that's mixed up with people who received money or gift cards for christmas! Although it's not quite christmas yet, the Boxing Day sales are the closet thing we have to Black Friday, so here are the purchases I would sacrifice a night of sleep for!

I just want to live there..

2. Foo Fighters

Seeing the Foo Fighters live would be the biggest tick off my 'bands to see live' list! I love them and they look awesome live!!

So maybe sacrificing a night of sleep is a bit extreme for this one.. but it is really pretty!

Cheating a little bit here with this one but I wish I could just import my entire Pinterest board into my real life wardrobe!

5. Doctor Who Experience Cardiff

Just going back to Doctor Who for a minute, I would LOVE to go back here again, I feel like I'd appreciate it more now that I've actually seen every episode! 

So that was my Fandom Friday for this week! To anyone in the US, hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! What would be your top 5 purchases?

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♡ Katya