App Addict: Viddy Shutting Down!

Last night I received an email saying that the video sharing app, Viddy is closing down! It said it was being pulled from the app store on November 4th, (which was actually yesterday) and the company is
officially shutting down on November 15th. In the email, there is a link that takes you to where you can download your existing videos from the app if you've posted any on there. It gives you the option to download to Dropbox or save directly to your computer,  you won't be able to download them from your phone, I tried! It's a shame about the app shutting down, however the website does hint that they are working on something new, you can check out the official announcement here! If you used the app Viddy and don't want to lose your posts, make sure you head over and download them before they are gone!

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Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya