App Addict: Medium

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Today I wanted to talk about something my dad actually showed me a few days ago! It's technically not just an app, it's a website but I've been using the app on my phone pretty much every day since
my dad told me about it! It's basically a blogging website, made by the co-founders of Twitter. It has a really minimalistic layout, unlike Blogger and Wordpress, you don't edit the layout or template, it's just a plain white background with plain black text, and you literally just write. 

I have been loving Medium the past few days, there are so many interesting blog posts on there. One thing you can do is that you can import your own blog post by copying the url and then you can re-format it (if you need to) to fit the layout on Medium and then at the bottom of the post it will say "originally posted at 'whatever your blog url is'". It's just another way to share your blog and get new readers. It's especially good for long text posts because the reading experience is so nice on there. This brings me to the Medium App. When you sign in, you literally just swipe left and right to flick through random posts and then when you like something you can recommend it, share it or bookmark it if you want to read it later.

The interface on the app is so nice and simple, it makes reading such a great experience. While, I won't be replacing my actual blog and completely moving over to Medium, I will still continue to enjoy flicking through articles and finding new things to read. I will post stuff on there every now and then, I have posted my Imitation Game review on there when I was trying it out, just to see how it looks, so maybe I'll just post my film reviews on there. 

What do you think about Medium? Would you use it to share your blog posts or just to have a read?

Check out Medium:

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Katya Owu
Oh also! This is my 100th blog post! To celebrate that in a way, I thought I'd share my favourite blog post I've written so far - What's on my iPhone!

Here's to another 100! (what?!)

Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya