Top 5 Apps For Students

To coincide with a blog post I wrote on Monday called How I Survived University, I thought I would talk about 5 apps that really helped me as a student!

1. Sunrise Calender
There's plenty of different calendar apps to choose from on the app store, including the default calendar app, which is also fine. However, I really liked the Sunrise calendar app because it has a really nice simple day view layout so it's easy to keep track of your lecture times.

2. Clock
I hate waking up early, so I would always need more than one alarm to get up me up in the morning. I just used the default app but I used to set more than one alarm, that way if I ever pressed snooze and accidentally turned my alarm off while I was half asleep, there'd still be other alarms going off so I'd eventually have to get up!

This was just a normal week on my clock app when I was a student.

As much as I love writing down notes in actual notebooks, there's still times when I'd much rather type. In lectures when you have to take a lot of notes, I found it easier just to type everything on my iPad instead of scribbling everything down in pen and not being able to read it later! I really loved notebook apps that had folders so I could categorise my notes and have a separate folder for each lecture. My favourite was an app called Chapters, which allowed you do create nice simple notes, have separate notebooks for separate lectures, and it keeps it archived so you can easily find notes from a specific day. 

4. Pages
As a student, you tend to spend a lot of times writing essays, dissertations and other long pieces of work and sometimes I didn't want to go to the library or sometimes I didn't want to sit in front of my computer all day. But something I did in enjoy, was getting into bed with my iPad, and doing my work on Pages. I could type up long pieces of work on my iPad and easily save it so it can be opened on my computer, and I could also save it as a Word document so I could open it on a PC the next time I was in the library. 

A lot of times I would find myself needing to send large files or multiple documents to either my lecturers or other students, or sometimes I'd be in a lecture and realise I didn't bring my hard drive. Using either Google Drive or Dropbox is the easiest way to solve any of those problems. If I saved a document or file in Google Drive or Dropbox, I could open it anywhere, and since I used my iPad a lot at university, it was really convenient! 

So these were 5 of my favourite apps that helped me as a student, that hopefully can help you too! 
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What were/are your favourite apps as a student??
Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya