TV Junkie: Doctor Who Season 4

Season 4 of Doctor Who and Catherine Tate is back! I officially love David Tennant.. I said that season 3 was my favourite so far but now I'm torn between that and season 4. There was so many
epic stories in this season, my favourite one being the Agatha Christie episode. It was interesting to see Catherine Tate as the companion in this season because she was so different to Rose and Martha, in a sense that she had no interest in him. She was more of a comedic character than the other companions, so she was great with David Tennant. However, Rose did make an appearance in this season, which was weird because the end of season 2 was so emotional that I thought it would of been better to leave it at that, but it actually worked out well but it was horrible to see her go again! One thing that really surprised me about this season was finding out the Doctor has a daughter! The show often reminds us that he is the last of the time lords and he has no home or family. However, we meet Jenny, the Doctor's daughter. I wasn't sure if I liked her at first because usually it is just the Doctor and his screwdriver, with a 'normal' companion and it worked out really well but now we meet his daughter who is like superwoman, she's just really good at everything. It's great at first to see that the Doctor has an existing family member and it is funny and unexpected to see it's daughter, however, she wasn't my favourite character this season.