TV Junkie: Doctor Who Season 1

Yesterday I posted a blog post about how I've never watched Doctor Who and how I've decided to start watching it, starting with Season 1, which I finished watching this morning.
Christopher Eccleston was the Doctor in this season and when I first saw him, it really surprised me, because everything I've heard about the Doctor Who character, I would never have pictured Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. However, once I got into it, I thought he was actually quite good. From the first episode of this season, I was immediately hooked. It's so exciting and with it being set in the UK, and some of Cardiff, it makes it seem so real. I love how they use real BBC News and real people like Ann Robinson as Ann Droid in the Weakest Link, and the real Big Brother music. The storyline is so good, they have an explanation for everything, even when something seems so crazy and over the top, there is always a scientific explanation for it so you just can't argue with it. There are so many great actors in the show as well, people who have been in Harry Potter and Game of Thrones..Simon Pegg was an actor who I was excited to see in one of the episodes. The end of the season showed the Doctor regenerating into David Tennant. One thing I'd never understood about Dr Who is why the Doctor changes, but know I've seen it and I understand, I am excited to see how David Tennant does as the new Doctor. Obviously, these are old episodes I've watched so I've heard about how successful he was as the Doctor. I love David Tennant, so I can't wait to see what happens and what kind of story lines they'll be.