TV Junkie: Bojack Horseman Season 1

I am using Netflix again and yesterday I started watching Bojack Horseman. It's a comedy about a horse who used to be the star of a really successful TV show and it's set years after the shows finished
and he's trying to find new work and deal with being an 'ex TV star'.. It's quite a similar story to the show Episodes with Matt LeBlanc if you've seen that. Bojack Horseman is animated with a Family Guy style humour to it but not as funny, the jokes that are funny are really funny, but the ones that aren't make the show a bit cringey. After I watched a few episodes, I got drawn into the storyline and I did enjoy it overall but I don't think it's as funny as I'd heard it was. One thing I like most about the show is the people who do the voices.. Will Arnett does the voice of Bojack and Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad, does the voice of Todd, Bojack's roommate. There's a few other good actors that pop up here and there too, you can see the full cast list on IMDB. The only thing I didn't really get is the fact that some of the characters are humans and some are animals.. I thought it was really weird at first and I didn't get it, but then some of the jokes are set up in a way that makes it work. The show received 8.3 on IMDB which really surprised me, after I watched it I thought it would be the kind of show that would get slated on IMDB but it got 8.3! I think that's a bit generous but I suppose that the storyline carries the show enough without it being pulled down by some of it's jokes.  However, I like Will Arnett and I'm interested to see what they do with the story in Season 2, which has been confirmed but there's no dates yet. Let me know what you think of Bojack Horseman! Also, let me know if you have any recommendations for other shows I can watch on Netflix too!