TV Junkie: Doctor Who Season 7

So this was final season featuring Matt Smith as the Doctor. I'm actually surprised to say that I was a bit sad to see him go, I did like him as the Doctor but nowhere near as much as I liked David Tennant,  
so I didn't think I'd be that bothered to see him leave but I did actually find it quite sad to see him leave! This season was even more surprising than the last one! This was also the first season where you actually see the companions die, which although that is something that could technically happen at anytime, when you actually see it happen it was so shocking to me! You also get to see how much of an impact the companions, Rory and Amy, have on the Doctor and his life, which is something I don't really feel like I saw since Rose so that was really interesting. Obviously, this also means that it makes it sadder because just as you start to really like someone, they leave (or die)! However, I think this season was the best season of Doctor Who since David Tennant was the Doctor. In the first 2 episodes with Matt Smith, I was kind of just adjusting to his version of the Doctor, figuring out whats going on etc so by the time this season came around, I felt like I had more of a connection with the show. That being said, all of that is gone now so I'm excited to see the new Doctor, new companions & new adventures!
Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya