Checking out the 5K iMac!

The iMac is out and me and my dad went to the Apple store today to check it out! But first we had a look at the new iPad Mini 3. There is nothing ground breaking with this new iPad, it's mainly just a
refreshed Mini. The most obvious features are that you can now get it in gold and they have Touch ID.

iPad Mini 3 with Touch ID
iPad Mini 3 in gold 

We then went to look at the new iPad Air 2. It is so light compared to the previous iPad's and you really don't get a sense of how thin it is until you see it in real life! The retina screen is incredibly clear as well, the quality makes reading and looking at photos a really great experience. Just like the iPad Mini 3, the Air 2 now also uses Touch ID which is great news for people used to having it on their iPhones and then try and use it on their iPad!

iPad Air 2 with Touch ID
iPad Air 2 - so thin!

Finally, we went to check out the new 5K iMac! I've never seen such amazing quality on a computer screen, it is absolutely crystal clear! There is only one available size at the moment,  27 inch and it is massive! This iMac would be perfect for people who do a lot of work with music or photo and video editing because it is very sharp! Obviously, it's a very expensive computer so it's definitely more for the industry professionals but it's still worth going and checking it out.

5K Retina iMac

Thinner than previous iMac

Final Cut Pro
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Thanks for reading! 
♡ Katya