Blogger Confessions #1

I've never watched Doctor Who. Not because I don't like it or was purposefully avoiding it, I just never watched it.
It seems weird to people who know me because I love Harry Potter and I love you'd think Doctor Who would be up there too but I've never watched it. My brother loves Doctor Who and he's constantly telling me to watch it, so now that we have Netflix, I had decided that I am finally going to watch Doctor Who.. starting from season 1 in 2005. I've got a lot to watch and a lot to catch up on but I'm sure it'll be fun. If you're interested in keeping updated in my Doctor Who marathon, I'm going to write a review of each season, talking about what I thought about it so my first one will be up as soon as I've finished season 1.

I have now watched Seasons 1 -  8 of Doctor Who and you can check out my reviews HERE!