November FMS Photo A Day

1st of November already?! Only one month until Christmas! :D Anyway, this month I have decided to participate in the FMS Photo A Day Challenge. If you don't know about this, it's really simple! All

Fandom Friday: The Halloween Candy I Always Hope For When Trick-or-Treating

Happy Fandom Friday, but more importantly, Happy Halloween! This week's topic is all about my favourite trick-or-treat candy, (although I'm going to say sweets because I'm from the UK)! I haven't

TV Junkie: Doctor Who Season 7

So this was final season featuring Matt Smith as the Doctor. I'm actually surprised to say that I was a bit sad to see him go, I did like him as the Doctor but nowhere near as much as I liked David Tennant,  

TV Junkie: Doctor Who Season 6

The 11th Doctor is back for another season with Amy Pond. This season is so intense! Things seriously kick off in this season, starting with the first episode which opens with seeing the Doctor

TV Junkie: Doctor Who Season 5

No more David Tennant :( When I first started watching this season, I wasn't too sure how I felt about Matt Smith, but then I realised it's not that I didn't like him, it was the fact that he just wasn't David

YouTube Trailer of the Week 27/10/14

So I actually completely forgot about this last week because I was watching Doctor Who.. oops. However it's here this week and I thought it would be fitting to choose my video from the Doctor

Checking out the 5K iMac!

The iMac is out and me and my dad went to the Apple store today to check it out! But first we had a look at the new iPad Mini 3. There is nothing ground breaking with this new iPad, it's mainly just a

Fandom Friday: My Must See List of Halloween Movies

This weeks topic for Fandom Friday is Halloween must see movies! I was looking forward to this topic because there was one year while I was at university, my friends and I decided to watch a scary

TV Junkie: Doctor Who Season 4

Season 4 of Doctor Who and Catherine Tate is back! I officially love David Tennant.. I said that season 3 was my favourite so far but now I'm torn between that and season 4. There was so many

Fandom Friday: Characters I'd Love To Dress Up As For Halloween

It's Friday! Which means another Fandom Friday! This weeks topic is Halloween relate, which is weird for me because this my first Halloween since being at university, so for the first time

Apple Live Event

So today was another Apple Live Event, launching the release of the new Mac OS, Yosemite. Thankfully, the live stream for this event was event was so much better than the previous one.

TV Junkie: Doctor Who Season 3

So I was really confused at the start of this season because at the end of the last episode, the christmas special, I thought that Catherine Tate was going to be the Doctor's new partner, but there was no

TV Junkie: Doctor Who Season 2

So this was the first season with David Tennant as the Doctor and I absolutely loved it. David Tennant is so good as the Doctor, I like him so much better than Christopher Eccleston.

TV Junkie: Doctor Who Season 1

Yesterday I posted a blog post about how I've never watched Doctor Who and how I've decided to start watching it, starting with Season 1, which I finished watching this morning.

Blogger Confessions #1

I've never watched Doctor Who. Not because I don't like it or was purposefully avoiding it, I just never watched it.

YouTube Trailer of the Week 13/10/14

This weeks 'Trailer of the Week'  is a video I made at the Imperial War Museum in Manchester. To find out more about 'Trailer of the Week', click here, or to see previous videos click here!

Pottermore: Trick or Treat

Pottermore have announced that everyday, starting from October 16th, they're going to be releasing either a #Pottermoretrick or a #Pottermoretreat to "perplex and delight you".

TV Junkie: Bojack Horseman Season 1

I am using Netflix again and yesterday I started watching Bojack Horseman. It's a comedy about a horse who used to be the star of a really successful TV show and it's set years after the shows finished

Film Review: Gone Girl

My dad and I went to watch Gone Girl today, by David Fincher. It's actually based on a book that I didn't know about but the reason I wanted to see it was because of an article I read about how it was

New Book Club Series!

I've decided I'm going to start a new series on my blog called Book Club! I was looking at my shelf the other day and thought that I have so many books I want to read, some that I've started and not finished and some that I haven't even started yet. So I thought it would be fun to blog about what I'm currently reading, and then write a short review when I've finished!

So, to start off the book club, here are the 2 books I am currently reading:

As soon as I have finished reading these books, I will post my reviews as a Book Club blog post and then I'll reveal the next book!

App Addict: Swarm iOS 8 Update

Foursquare's check-in app, Swarm, has been updated for iOS 8 to allow you to add a widget to your phone so now you can swipe down and check in instantly without even opening the app!

Fandom Friday: Geeky Things I Need In My Closet Immediately!

So, The Nerdy Girlie has started a series of blogposts called Fandom Friday, where every Friday you write about 5 of your favourite nerdy things.

YouTube Trailer of the Week 06/10/14

This weeks 'Trailer of the Week', is my 2014 short film showreel! If you missed my first post introducing 'Trailer of the Week', you can see it here! Also, you can subscribe to my YouTube