YouTube Ideas

I was just browsing YouTube and I had a look at my own channel and got an idea. Basically, I don't upload videos regularly or have any 'schedule' for my channel or anything,
it's just whenever I go somewhere or make a film or just want to share something, so I thought, to make my channel page more interesting, I'm going to change the Channel Trailer every Monday. The Channel Trailer is the video that you select to automatically start playing when someone views your channel. So because I upload randomly, sometimes my channel just looks the same for ages because I haven't uploaded in a while, so I thought that changing up the trailer every week will make my channel look more active, different people will see different things when they go to my channel, and older videos will have a chance to get shown off again. I'm going to start this tomorrow and every Monday I'll link to the 'trailer of the week' in a new blog post!

So before I change the trailer tomorrow, here is the video that is currently live now!